Jun 7, 2022
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Clients of Tinkoff Bank massively complain about the closure of accounts and the denial of remote banking

Clients of Tinkoff Bank massively complain about the closure of accounts and the denial of remote banking

Tinkoff Bank was previously considered one of the convenient and promising banks in Russia, but recent events show that the management and employees of the bank are not only ready to give up many of their clients, but also do not pay attention to the numerous complaints of people, including not only existing clients, but also the former.

Recall that not so long ago, a scandal erupted around Tinkoff Bank because of the words of Oleg Tinkov, who is the founder of Tinkoff Bank. He allowed himself to call the Russians “morons”, which led to a significant outflow of customers from the bank. People closed accounts en masse and destroyed debit and credit cards. The bank’s management decided to announce an imminent rebranding and name change to reassure people, but customer complaints are still being ignored, and the bank is among the first among people’s complaints about the recommendation to close a bank account.

Oleg Tinkov practically crossed out everything positive that has been done for the development of the bank in recent years, stating the following:

“The generals, waking up with a hangover, realized that they had *** censorship ***-army. And where will the army be good, if everything else in the country – *** censorship *** and mired in nippotism, servility and servility? Of course there are morons who draw Z, but morons in any country are 10%”

But the epic with the financial structure did not end there either, Clients (present and former) of Tinkoff Bank began to massively leave their complaints about blocking accounts on various Russian sites, including,,, Otzovik. com, as well as many other sites. The dissatisfaction of the former clients of the bank lies in the fact that they were either recommended to close an account or denied remote banking (RBS), limiting the ability to make transfers, withdraw cash, and pay with bank cards in stores.

Since the beginning of 2022, there have already been hundreds of such complaints, although bank representatives assure that nothing criminal is happening. Hundreds of comments suggest that the problem is massive, but Tinkoff representatives deny this, citing scheduled inspections, as well as federal law 115-FZ.

Moreover, the bank’s clients claim that they tried to prove the legality of the funds received to their bank account at Tinkoff Bank, but the employees refused to consider the possibility of providing any documents.

“This decision is not subject to review, it is recommended to close your account”

The editorial staff of the website sent a request to the Tinkoff department for media relations in order to get comments on the mass blocking of customer accounts. The representative of the bank categorically refused to admit the problem, referring to the dubious transactions of clients, as well as the planned work of the financial monitoring of Tinkoff Bank:

“Due to a combination of factors (a lot of transit transactions with other individuals, the almost complete absence of positive transactions, such as purchases, etc.), it was decided to limit remote servicing and the use of cards, in accordance with regulatory and regulatory practices in the market, the restrictions prescribed by law, and the terms of the agreement (clauses 4.5 of the general provisions and 7.3.9 of the general conditions for servicing payment cards)”

It should be noted once again that bank employees are not interested in providing documents about transactions of their clients, they either limit remote servicing, reduce the possibility of cash withdrawals to 0, or directly talk about the need to close the account, although they provide the opportunity to transfer the remaining funds to the account specified by the clients.

The editors of the site recommend that all affected clients from the actions of Tinkoff Bank contact the Central Bank reception.

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