Oct 14, 2021
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Clever pet has taken on the role of the lunch gong

the dog calls everyone to dinnerFamily dinners can often be accompanied by different traditions, when each of the household members has a certain role.

the dog calls everyone to dinner

This can be both the cooking itself and the table setting. However, the Shih Tzu named Dex has a slightly different, but very important role – he essentially works as a dinner gong, calling everyone to the table with his bark. As soon as a clever nine-year-old doggie receives a signal from the hostess that dinner is ready and it is time to get ready, he sits down on the stairs and starts yapping, notifying everyone around about the imminent meal.

the dog calls everyone to dinner

The owners said that no one specifically taught Dex such a trick. He just heard many times how the mother of the family calls everyone to dinner, and began to help her, barking as loudly as possible. From now on, a woman does not need to strain her vocal cords, because the pet will do everything for her.


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