Oct 12, 2021
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Cleaning the blender has become much easier thanks to the advice of a quick-witted hostess

cleaning the blender just got easierMany housewives who use blenders experience negative emotions when it comes time to wash this unit.

cleaning the blender just got easier

But Chantelle Mila from Melbourne, Australia has changed the rules of the game, declaring that no effort is needed, and the blender is quite capable of washing itself.

cleaning the blender just got easier

It is enough just to pour warm water and a little dishwashing liquid inside, and then press the power button. So, the washing process has been started, and there is no need to worry about anything. After that, the unit needs to be rinsed, dried – and it is ready for use again. Chantelle sees the special charm of this process in the fact that even the old dried-on dirt, if there was any, is washed off in this way.

cleaning the blender just got easier

Of course, the self-cleaning blender has delighted Internet users, who sincerely thank the shrewd hostess for the advice.

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