Jan 15, 2022
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Citizenship of the Russian Federation in 2021 more often received residents of the CIS and Ukraine

Citizens of the Russian Federation last year were mainly residents of Ukraine, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Armenia. The relevant data is provided by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, TASS reports.

“Over 11 months of 2021, more than 667,000 foreign citizens and stateless persons were granted Russian citizenship,” the ministry said.

It is noted that this is 100 thousand more than for the same period in 2020, when about 563 thousand people were admitted.

In addition, over 800 foreign highly qualified specialists were granted Russian citizenship in 11 months of 2021, and about 950 people were granted Russian citizenship in the same period of the year before last.

It was previously reported that almost 668,000 foreigners became Russian citizens between January and November 2021.

Meanwhile, head of state Vladimir Putin has granted Russian citizenship to American writer Suzanne Massi and four French-born descendants of Russian emigrants.

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