Sep 8, 2022
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Citizens collected over 300,000 bottle caps to help an artist create a mural

mural of plastic capsThe creation of 25-year-old artist Oscar Olivares was created with the help of residents of the city of Guatire (Venezuela).

mural of plastic caps

Through social networks, the man turned to the townspeople with a request to bring him caps from plastic bottles. From this material, the artist decided to make a beautiful fresco. Now the city has been adorned with an artwork depicting giant birds, which took more than 300,000 plastic caps to create.

mural of plastic caps

Oscar’s idea serves not only aesthetics, but also ecology. The artist said that people are surrounded by a lot of useless things, but sometimes garbage can be given a second life. Many locals praise Oscar for both his talent and his concern for the environment. A man’s initiative supporting the arts and youth demonstrates that even plastic waste can be useful.

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