Nov 25, 2021
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CIA chief threatens Russia with consequences for Havana syndrome – WP

US CIA Director William Burns said that Russia will face the consequences if the US intelligence agencies consider it responsible for the “Havana syndrome” among American diplomats, writes the Washington Post.

According to sources of the publication, Burns discussed this issue with the leadership of the FSB and SVR.

“He told them that forcing American diplomats and their families to suffer from severe brain damage and other medical conditions was beyond acceptable behavior for professional intelligence services,” the source explained.

It is emphasized that Burns did not directly accuse Moscow of any actions against American diplomats.

Earlier it was reported about the “Havana syndrome” among US diplomats in Cuba in 2016 and 2017, as well as in the PRC in 2018.

It is noted that employees of diplomatic missions in Cuba and China complained of unusual symptoms, including high blood pressure, problems with hearing, vision and cognitive functions.

American experts called these cases very alarming, including because of the likely role of directed radio frequency energy as a method of exposure.

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