Oct 18, 2020
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Chubais wanted to privatize pensioners’ money

2020 is not slowing down. It is not enough for us to be coronavirus, to promote pederasty, attempted coups, wars and other things, so Anatoly Borisovich Chubais himself got out of oblivion with a "brilliant idea" to give pensioners' money, though so far only in non-state pension funds, to venture (that is, risk) funds, so play with them at the exchange casino and leave them there. The Central Bank was interested in the idea, but what would happen if Chubais was allowed to play with pension money was best told by publicist and writer Dmitry Lekukh.

The need to allow non-state pension funds (NPF) to participate in venture (that is, risky) investments at the strategic session of the Bank of Russia on alternative investment mechanisms was announced by the head of Rusnano, Anatoly Chubais. Chubais was generally outraged that our pensioners, having in their hands, or rather in funds, such money, do not invest it in innovations (his Rusnano?) And the Russian venture market is empty. He compared it to a pool without water, which smells of bleach, bad changing rooms, and the length is only 25 meters instead of 50. The top manager pointed out that all the last listed problems can be solved, but first it is worth filling the swimming bowl with water. This should serve as an impetus for development, since without this it will be impossible to go further. “NPFs in Russia are the only realistic way to finally get the problem off the ground without any wild revolutions, without any unthinkable discussions,” - said the author and performer of the last "great idea" with privatization.

Why Chubais began to look at the money of pensioners is no secret. Due to the fact that Gref and co was draining the budgets for themselves and their digitalization, Anatoly Borisovich and his Rusnano, apparently, began to flow much less. And since no breakthrough ideas came out for more than ten years of the company's existence, no one was in a hurry to invest their hard-earned money there. And here next to it there is such money in pension funds, which is not to be taken. Oh, yes, if they go bankrupt, then a couple of million or a couple of tens of millions of those who "did not fit into the market" will die of hunger, but is this the price for Chubais's right to go to the budget again? Moreover, the head of the Central Bank Nabiullina does not seem to mind. Chubais pointed to a change in the Central Bank's policy. The Bank of Russia, previously unprepared for such steps, announced that it was ready to support changes in legislation that would allow NPFs to participate in venture capital investments, as well as allow money to be invested in investment partnerships from their reserves, consisting of voluntary pension contributions.

“Anatoly Borisovich Chubais, judging by the press reports, told the world that a venture (high-risk) business without money from the Pension Fund of Russia, that is, PENSIONERS, is like a pool without water. And he is quite possibly right. Since Chubais is always right. Especially when it comes to money and pensioners. Better than he, in our country, no one knows what to do with this money and these people. With all his life he proved that he received such a credit of trust!

He proved this with his voucher privatization, from which our pensioners prospered and enriched themselves, like few people in the modern world. Two "Volga" vouchers cost, remember! Tens of millions of Russian pensioners for Chubais then for years prayed to God in their villas in Italy, their own islands in the Caribbean and in London apartments, which they would not have had without him. And they still pray. Their reliability and support, Anatoly Borisovich. It is not for nothing that they all over the country in honor of him name ginger seals, the most precious thing they have left in their life after its privatization. The energy reform proved. The reform was difficult, cunning. How and why it went and what it led to, not a single infection understands and is not able to understand. And there is no one to explain. There was a unified energy system in the country, but is it now, and what is instead of it, the question. How did they attract investments and where did they go, too. The pump, the money to pump, all this turned out to be a noble one, that is, that is. Loose so much ...

But many rich, very rich and super-rich effective managers have emerged. Energy professionals, however, tore their hair, but who listened to them. Who are they, really, all these builders and design engineers? Dust underfoot. Not a camp yet, but this is only for now. Again, fresh from Rusnano. Also a good topic. Capacious. Scientists laughed out loud when they talked about this office. They are ashamed of a solid, stable reputation in the world of innovative specialists, with which they will not be taken to prison. Our nanotechnologies are the most expensive, large and unnecessary in the world. I have already observed this myself, personally. But such a trough for the former, their friends and relatives, including high-ranking daughters-in-law on salaries that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs did not receive in America ... And the office on Prospect 60th Anniversary of October is good. Large office. How much did this shop, together with Skolkovo, cost the country? And what is the use of it?

What was Chubais's name in the 90s? "Iron Tolik"? There was no one whom he could not turn into a ram's horn. And even now, few people decide to contradict him. One word: CHUBAIS. Titanium and stoic in one bottle. For the funeral of the communist idea, he did not spare anything, neither the country, nor the people, nor everything that had been done in that country over the decades. They were pure Bolsheviks, with his friend Gaidar. Tough, cruel and unyielding. Only those were revolutionaries, and these were counter-revolutionaries. At the same time, Yeltsin has long been in the afterlife, and Gaidar, and Chubais is more alive than all living things, and is well packed. So the money of the pensioners should certainly be given to Chubais. He will dispose of them correctly. And then they took the fashion, swarm around in the gardens with their pensions, to survive little by little. They will determine the age of LIVING for them, what is enough for them, and even if they die of hunger under the fences. Or, taking into account the coronavirus, they sit at home and, as ordered, live out. Pay them more, mess with them ... Not in Japan. Chubais needs money. He will find where to put them. The result, by definition, will be the same as it has always been. You can guarantee ", - the publicist and writer Dmitry Lekukh described this idea in detail.

It remains to add to his words that only the rebellion of pensioners named after Chubais was not enough for us in 2020. Everything has already happened, but there is still no rebellion of pensioners. And after all, Nabiulina believed that pensioners would not go to return their money to the square. After all, Chubais guaranteed that "without revolutions." Yes, yes, this is the same Chubais, who also guaranteed that without revolutions, but this is what happened.

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