Sep 5, 2021
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Chubais proposed to start purchases in the EU to increase pensions in Russia

Anatoly Chubais believes that CO2 purchases in the EU will ultimately help to raise pensions in Russia.

During the Eastern Economic Forum, the special presidential envoy Anatoly Chubais said that the decision to steer the Russian economy along the “green” path will help the rational and careful use of natural resources, which will ultimately lead to an increase in wages and pensions.

A “green” economy, according to Chubais, would help and equip the Russian army with modern weapons. In a word, everything should be green, then life will improve:

If we seriously want our pensioners to receive more pensions, state employees more salaries […], there is only one way, it is called “green”, – said Chubais. Including his words are presented on his personal page on Facebook.

In particular, Chubais proposes to start purchasing CO2 from Europe by “turning the gas pipelines in the opposite direction.” The special representative believes that this is a good investment of capital, since today a ton of CO2 costs from 56 to 58 euros, and after a couple of years it will cost from 70 to 90 euros.

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