Apr 26, 2021
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Chronic back pain in women linked to increased mortality risk

Scientists analyzed 11 studies, which included data on mortality from various causes of more than 81.3 thousand middle-aged and elderly patients. The authors found that age had no effect on the relationship between back pain and mortality. This was an amazing finding, given that the likelihood of disability from this condition increases over the years.

However, the researchers found that the highest risk of death associated with back pain was observed in those studies in which only women participated, as well as those where cases of severe chronic pain were detected. At the same time, this connection was not revealed for men. According to scientists, this indicates that some types of pain, which pose a direct threat to life, occur only in women.

Overall, the study found that mild pain that does not interfere with daily activity and exercise is not associated with an increased risk of mortality. It is about the strong pain associated with various chronic conditions.

“Proper treatment of back pain is essential, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected the stress levels in society,” the study authors said.

Scientists have previously compared the effectiveness of osteopathy and massage in treating low back pain to determine if alternative medicine is as effective as its adherents say. The study involved about 400 men and women aged 50-55 years. Each of them reported chronic low back pain for at least six months. The volunteers were randomly assigned to two groups, one of which received osteopathic manipulative treatment for a year, and the control group received massage simulating an osteopathy session. The control group did not know they were receiving sham therapy.

The results showed that osteopathic manipulative treatment had little effect in reducing activity limitation for patients with non-deficient or chronic low back pain. However, the clinical significance of this effect was considered questionable by the authors of the study.

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