Dec 30, 2020
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Christmas Eve – Christmas and Epiphany: dates in 2021

Christmas Eve - Christmas and Epiphany: dates in 2021

Christmas Eve is the eve of Christmas and Epiphany. The days preceding these two holidays are portrayed as very dignified. I remember the times to find out what date Christmas and Epiphany Eve will come in 2021.

In accordance with divine principles, Christmas and Epiphany are depicted as two of the twelve major holidays of the month. Try not to forget that these are one of the most important days in which it is worth following the found rules, which will be discussed later.

The Nativity of Christ is a never-ending holiday, therefore, his Christmas Eve also has a fixed date – January 6

On this day, people visit the sanctuary: all-night vigil and liturgy. In the morning we were greeted to clean the house and get ready for the great holiday of Christmas. It is considered that one should meet him in a tidy house, in a pleasant atmosphere.

Great attention is paid to the festive table. The thing is that this is the final day of the Nativity Fast. On Christmas Eve, the evening is served with syllabus, after which the event is named. It can be boiled rice with raisins and honey. Of course, other lenten dishes are also welcomed.

On January 6, you need to be near with your family, strive to help a friend. You should not disturb the peace on Christmas Eve with squabbles and conflicts.

Baptism is a twelve feast day, which it also portrays as intransient. Epiphany eve century falls on January 18… On this day, Christmastide ends – the time of the celebration of the Nativity of Christ.

Epiphany Eve is also called the Eve. It is forbidden to have fun on this day, despite the fact that the day has the status of a holiday. On the eve of Epiphany, people keep an iron fast. Many believers not only observe fasting, but do not eat at all until the first star appears in the sky. On this day, you can eat juicy. It is impossible to eat meat, animal products, fish.

In the afternoon, on Epiphany Christmas Eve, the first water blessing is performed. The properties of this water are no different from the water that people collect in churches directly on the day of Epiphany. If you drink Epiphany water on the 18th, then it is better to do it on an empty stomach, although this is not a strict rule.

There are traditions associated with fortune telling on Christmas and Epiphany Eve. The church does not approve of this, so you should not get too carried away with this.

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