Dec 27, 2020
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Christmas decorations for 2021: do it yourself

Christmas decorations for 2021: do it yourself

Without a gorgeously decorated Christmas tree, New Years are not so fun, and many have already dressed up their trees. Despite the abundance of Christmas tree decorations, many continue to make toys on their own, and such products in 2021 will be unusually appreciated by the newly minted patron of the year.

New Year’s holidays are the most long-awaited and beloved ones, because they are celebrated with the closest and beloved people. In order to bring the ceremonial atmosphere into the house, experts suggest doing handicrafts and making several toys that will decorate the room and bring positive changes to life. Creative work will help calm the nervous system and will become a lovely pastime for both adults and the younger generation.

Christmas decorations with their hands

Making Christmas tree decorations is a creative process. It does not require major preparation, saves the budget, but at the same time delivers a lot of bliss.

Garlands. The most unsophisticated way to decorate a Christmas tree is to make a garland of colored paper. Even the smallest family members will check this task. Colored paper is cut into strips sufficient to make a ring, glued together, passing the paper from ring to ring. The finished garland can be decorated with sparkles and hung on the spruce.

Cones. A Christmas tree with natural cones will look great, and going to the park for some material is another opportunity to take a walk with your family and make the times fun. The buds are painted with paint, and in 2021 it is more important to use white or silver. Ready-made toys can be sprinkled with sparkles so that the cones shine in the light of the garlands and set the tone for the festive mood.

Snowflakes. Cutting out a snowflake is not difficult: there are a lot of master classes on the network on making these openwork decorations. Snowflakes can not only be hung on a spruce, but also glued to the windows, and also hung around the house to plunge into the festive atmosphere of a witchcraft snowfall.

Snowmen from light bulbs. Used burned out light bulbs are a great foundation for creativity. The glass part is painted white. On a white background, they draw a thorn and a nose, tie a red ribbon, mark buttons and get a magnificent and light snowman, which will look advantageous on the tree. You can put on a hat made of paper on the lamp base.

Toys made with their right hands, whatever they are, will certainly appeal to the White Metal Bull, which he will rule in 2021. The bull appreciates those who are not afraid to work with their hands and creates a holiday in the circle of loved ones, strengthening family ties.

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