Oct 17, 2021
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Christina Orbakaite admitted that she is very worried about her son


50-year-old singer Kristina Orbakaite is afraid for Nikita Presnyakov.

The eldest daughter of Alla Pugacheva has long understood that her son has a passion for extreme in his blood. Nikita used to skateboard as a child. In recent years, he dreamed of trying himself in figure skating. Silver Olympic champion Natalya Zabiyako became his partner on the ice.

The couple trains a lot, however, it does not do without unforeseen situations. During the filming of the last number, the contestants reincarnated as Beetlejuice and his partner Lydia. Nikita could not keep his balance and fell on the ice, and Natalya did not have time to understand what had happened – and skated over his hand. The couple was able to continue their performance, despite the fact that Nikita was dripping blood.

Nikita Presnyakov
Nikita Presnyakov

It is not surprising that Orbakaite is very worried about Nikita Presnyakov. “As a mother, I am very worried and will worry about my son. Last year, we dissuaded him, and other projects that were planned interfered – we had to refuse. And in this Nikita did not listen to anyone, went his own way. He had a dream to take part in the “Ice Age” – and now it finally came true“, – explained Christina.

She did not hide that she tried to dissuade Nikita from participating in the project, but could not do it. “Naturally, when I found out that my son had hurt his hand, I got scared. But he assured that these are trifles and everything is fine. Of course, I root for him and worry every day“, – said the singer in an interview with StarHit.

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