Aug 5, 2022
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Christina Asmus spoke about sex with strangers


Actress Christina Asmus admitted that she does not know how to make money.

The artist, before showing the final episodes of the Lucy project, decided to compare herself with her heroine Nina, as many believe she played herself. But, as the actress admits, this is far from the case.

According to 34-year-old Asmus, after the release of the series, she read several reviews and was surprised that critics write: “She played herself.” At first, Christina was offended, then she took it as a compliment. “Like after the movie “Text”, when everyone thought that everything was real. So, we played believably, and for an artist this is one of the main tasks.Asmus says.

Meanwhile, she nevertheless decided to compare herself with the heroine and concluded that she was the complete opposite of Nina. “I do not drink alcohol at all, I have never tried any of the banned substances (and I do not advise you, this is evil). I have never had sex with strangers, I hate high heels and don’t like wearing dresses. I have been proposed several times in my life, Nina emphasizes that she does not”, Christina confesses.

Kristina Asmus - photo from the archive -
Kristina Asmus – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

In addition, she admits that she never grew her nails and eyelashes, did not try to smoke before filming, and also considers herself a total control. “She breaks through, and I’ll weigh everything a thousand times. She is bold and cheeky, I am collected and take myself and life too seriously. In short, I live more boringly. I think so little about money that every time I refuse corporate events, score on multimillion-dollar advertising contracts and financially profitable projects, because I don’t like the material”, Asmus says about the series for the Premier platform.

Note that Christina recently admitted that she does not have taboo topics with her daughter. The heiress can always turn to the star mother and talk to her not only as a parent, but also as a close friend.

Recall that after the divorce from Garik Kharlamov, the actress was not alone for long. She is suspected of having an affair with Yermolova’s theater colleague Roman Evdokimov. Several times they shone with each other on social networks, but they did not officially confirm their relationship.

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