Jan 6, 2022
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Christina Asmus spoke about her daughter


33-year-old actress Christina Asmus shared funny pictures with her eight-year-old daughter Anastasia.

The star of the film “Text” together with the baby at the end of last year decided on an adventure. Christina flew with her daughter to Dubai. The actress worked a lot, so she decided to give herself a rest. In the United Arab Emirates, daughter Asmus celebrated a personal holiday.

Christina Asmus with her daughter
Christina Asmus with her daughter

The first birthday girl was congratulated by her father, 40-year-old Garik Kharlamov. “Happy birthday, my greatest love in the universe! Eight years for lunch. All words in person, gifts in person, but here is just a congratulation from dad. I repeat after all fathers of daughters – you are the best girl in the world! I love you very much! Happy birthday!“- the resident of Comedy Club turned to Anastasia.

Christina released funny pictures with her daughter. The actress showed the most sincere and funny reactions of the girl, who clearly inherited a craving for humor and artistry from both parents.

Garik Kharlamov with his daughter
Garik Kharlamov with his daughter

Daughter! The meaning of my life! Happy birthday! I am writing this and do not believe … You are already eight years old. You are so grown up and so small! I am bursting with pride to be your mom. You are so cool! There is so much light in you. I do not know a person who is more honest and fairer than you. I don’t know a person who loves to give more. I do not know of a person more generous than you. Not a single person you meet on any day will be left without a candy, drawing or gift. And you will dream up a reason“, – admitted the movie star.

She assured that she always supports her daughter. According to Christina, she is ready to listen to Anastasia’s opinion on any issue. “We learn a lot from you, my sensitive and gentle girl. Now I look at you next to me, it tears me into thousands of pieces. I love you so much! You are the highest and strongest for me. Just be healthy, Nastya! And I will do everything so that you always smile, because there is nothing more important than this!“- Asmus summed up.

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