Oct 18, 2020
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Christina Asmus said that she was getting worse

Christina Asmus said that she was getting worse

Actress Christina Asmus has been suffering from coronavirus for a week.

The other day, Christina Asmus told fans that she had confirmed the coronavirus. The actress shares with the audience the details of her condition, and also encourages fans to take care of themselves and observe all precautions: wear masks and gloves, treat hands with a sanitizer, keep a distance from others.

During the treatment, the artist's condition worsened. In her microblog, the celebrity said that she still feels bad:
"I haven't gotten out of bed for six days. The temperature does not decrease, the symptoms only increase", The actress complains.

The gloom of some users in the comments makes the situation even more difficult: instead of words of support, a flurry of accusations and ongoing harassment fell upon the star. The actress was accused that the post about the coronavirus is just a PR move.

Christine Asmus
Christine Asmus

"A large percentage of crazy people write about my paid post. Can you really imagine such a situation in your head ?!", - Asmus is outraged.

Some celebrities did not pass by either: for example, the son of Nikas Safronov “attacked the artist because she did not comply with the prescribed measures and went to events without a mask:

"She went everywhere without a mask - this is a real crime! Apparently, she felt invulnerable, but life has proved the opposite. I hope when Christina recovers, she will understand how deeply she was mistaken and will take a more serious approach to her own safety issues.", - Luka Zatravkin commented on Asmus's behavior irritably.

However, the artist is not discouraged and playfully reminds subscribers how to take care of themselves:

"Guys, sorry, we need to work out the contract, so wear masks and gloves. Use antiseptics. And keep your distance!".

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