Nov 5, 2021
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Christina Asmus almost went crazy because of her daughter’s illness


Actress Christina Asmus admitted that she had to play in the production when her daughter was in serious condition.

Although her father, Garik Kharlamov, was with seven-year-old Nastya, the 33-year-old artist was terribly worried. “A few days ago, after we took the child to the hospital, I had to rush to the theater. And I went. And she played. But I don’t even remember how … When Garik wrote to me that they could not bring down the fever, I could not pull myself together. She sobbed and shook between exits to the stage. What is the most important task, what is the end-to-end action? I have a baby in the hospital!“- exclaims Asmus.

The actress could not calm herself down in a stressful situation: “Yes, my daughter was in reliable medical hands, yes, Garik was nearby, but I could not do anything. I was going crazy. And, probably, for the first time in my life I caught myself thinking during the performance that I want it to end as soon as possible … And now I dream of holding my child by the hand, and not all this …

Christina Asmus with her ex-husband and daughter
Christina Asmus with her ex-husband and daughter

Having played the performance, the star of “Interns” still managed to escape to her daughter. Asmus spent several days with her in the hospital, which is why she had to postpone her shifts to the cinema, abandon a lucrative advertising contract, as well as filming in “Evening Urgant”.

It’s all over now. Both mom and daughter are at home and are recovering morally and physically. “Lord, how hard and scary it is when children are sick. I want to take all this for myself right away. Now everything is over, we are at home, we are being treated and recovering! I hug everyone “– wrote the actress.

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