Aug 5, 2022
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ChP: The singer was almost killed in St. Petersburg because of the money


Singer Lyusya Chebotina miraculously survived.

25-year-old performer of the popular hit “The Sun in Monaco” Lucy Chebotina said on social networks that she was attacked in one of the clubs in St. Petersburg. And the artist even had to cancel her performance.

The co-founder of this institution came to our fitting room and started talking boorishly with me and my mother (she is my director) right before I went on stage. He swooped in, grabbed my jeans, insults and obscenities were addressed to us, he almost got into a fight“, says Chebotina.

He said: “Double the price here in cash. Or you won’t get out of here“, the singer continues to say.

Fortunately, she managed to escape from this club, the girl was not physically hurt.

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