Sep 22, 2022
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Choosing Omega 3-6-9: criteria and manufacturers

Choosing Omega 3-6-9: criteria and manufacturers

Vitamin complexes Omega 3-6-9 invaluably contribute to the cloudless operation of the most important systems of your body, it is a source of building materials for cell membranes, they play a primary role in metabolic processes. Natural “suppliers” of fatty acids are red fish and vegetable oils, as well as nuts, some fruits and poultry meat. But all this variety fits compactly in one capsule of a specialized bioactive complex.

Known colloquially as “three hundred and sixty-nine”, the complex is a combination of essential health essential acids found in fish oils and natural oils. It is used to replenish the missing fatty acids, improve the functioning of the digestive and immune systems, but most importantly – the heart, blood vessels and nervous system.

But how not to make a mistake when choosing Omega 3-6-9? You just need to remember four secrets:

  1. Omega-3 is produced purely from sea fish fats (if we are talking about a non-vegetarian product), while vegetable oils are the source for Omega-6-9.
  2. Find in the composition the line about the ratio of Omega-3 and -6, it should be in the range from 1:2 to 1:5.
  3. Omega-6 must be in the form of at least two acids: arachidonic, linoleic and gamma-linolenic. The latter should prevail.
  4. The price of an effective supplement cannot be very low. After all, this is evidence that low-quality raw materials were used in its production.

But taking care of our own body, we, of course, choose a reliable and responsible supplier, we find reputable stores, in the assortment of which there is no place for fakes. In this case, which manufacturer should be given the advantage?

To do this, you just need to decide which category of goods you prefer: to be budget-friendly – no frills, the most popular – time-tested, or the most prestigious – the choice of Hollywood stars and world champions.


This category includes products from the manufacturer “21st Century HealthCare”, based in the USA, Arizona. The company says: “We care about the health of you and your family at all stages of life. We are committed to providing you with unsurpassed quality vitamins and nutritional supplements, using only the finest ingredients.

Buying our products, you are guaranteed to get unsurpassed quality at an affordable price. ” Among the company’s products, you can also note children’s supplements, multivitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids – more than five hundred items in total.


Probably the most famous company in Ukraine is “Solgar”. The headquarters is located in the USA, New Jersey. Its products are popular in at least sixty countries of the globe thanks to the rich history of the company, the origins of which date back to 1947. The company’s specialists are convinced that nutrition is a science, and therefore the production of products is based on the laws of medicine and pharmacy accuracy.

High demands, unsurpassed quality, innovative technologies are just as important as the best product components. The rich assortment of the company, in addition to Omega 3-6-9, also includes vitamin complexes, collagens and hyaluronic acids, sports nutrition, amino acids and much more.

Another no less remarkable manufacturer in this segment is the NOW Foods company from Illinois with more than half a century of experience. But the company’s assortment is more impressive: it has over 1,400 products in its arsenal, including vitamins, magnesium complexes, children’s supplements, antioxidants, herbs and, of course, Omega 3-6-9.

“NOW was created to empower healthy lifestyles. As a family-owned brand, we are constantly committed to improving the natural food and supplement industry. Our mission is to create products and services that help people lead healthier lives.” “, says the manufacturer.

Premium segment

Here the leading position is held by the company “Thorne Research” from South Carolina. The manufacturer is aware of this and, without too much modesty, set the slogan: “Lead the path to healthy gray hair with the most trusted brand in the field of personalized, scientifically healthy lifestyle.”

Among the company’s products are detoxifiers, protein powders, probiotics, collagen preparations, fish oils and Omega, products for healthy sleep and digestion, for a strong heart, healthy skin and strong bones. An important indicator for the consumer is the fact that the manufacturer operates in collaboration with the Medical University of South Carolina.

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