May 31, 2022
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Choose 1 picture and find out your current mental state

Choose 1 picture and find out your current mental state

Tests with pictures are the shortest way to self-knowledge, writes Zinoti. This simple visual test will help you find out your current emotional state.

Look carefully at the picture and choose the square you like.

1. Carefree, playful, fun

Life is freedom and immediacy, try to enjoy every moment. Your motto: “We only live once!”.

You are open to new experiences and changes in love. There is nothing worse than feeling constrained by circumstances. You explore your surroundings and always enjoy surprises.

2. Independent, thinking, unique

You are always on your own, you do not recognize the limitations that get in your way. You have artistic abilities that you demonstrate at work or in your free time.

You crave freedom so much that sometimes you do something completely different from what you expected. You live by your ideas and beliefs about life, even if it means swimming upstream.

3. Reflective, sensitive, immersed in thoughts about yourself and the world around you

You don’t like superficial people. It is better to be alone with yourself than to endure empty talk.

However, your relationships with friends are very intense, which gives you a sense of inner peace and harmony, and makes you feel good. You do not interfere with prolonged loneliness.

4. Lively, balanced, harmonious

You value naturalness and simplicity. People feel comfortable with you, because you stand firmly on the ground and you can rely on.

For those who are dear to you, you give a sense of security, but at the same time you do not put pressure on them. You are considered a gentle and sincere person. You don’t like kitsch or platitudes. You are skeptical about the whims of fashion. You prefer practical and discreetly elegant clothes.

5. Pragmatic professional, self-confident

You are in control of life and do not rely on success – only on your actions. You solve problems in simple ways without the hassle.

You take a realistic view of life and everyday concerns and face them with determination. People trust you, and this is natural. They feel the power of your mind. You don’t feel satisfied until you finish what you started.

6. Calm, smart, not aggressive

You communicate easily, but you are also very careful. You make friends easily, but also enjoy solitude and autonomy. From time to time you need to take a break from everything and be alone with yourself to reflect on the meaning of life and enjoy loneliness.

You need a secluded place, so sometimes you hide from the whole world. But still, you are not alone. You are in harmony with yourself and the world and appreciate what life has to offer you.

7. A confident analyst you can rely on

Sensitivity helps to recognize true value. Gradually, you surround yourself with real pearls that not everyone is able to recognize.

Culture plays a special role in your life. You have your own style – refined and elegant. The ideal on which you build your life is largely determined by the pleasure that it gives you.

8. Romantic, dreamy, emotional

You are a very sensitive person. You refuse to look at things rationally. What matters is what the feelings say. It is important for you to have dreams.

You are not interested in people who reject romanticism and base everything solely on reason. You do not accept anything that can limit the variety of your emotions and feelings.

9. Dynamic, active, extroverted

You are ready to take risks and take on serious obligations in exchange for interesting and varied work. Routine paralyzes you.

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