Sep 12, 2020
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Choice for Ovechkin. Return to Russia or Washington’s crazy money?

NHL Star Contract Alexandra Ovechkina with "Washington" expires in summer 2021. The new agreement has not yet been signed, although the Capitals are ready to extend the agreement on very good terms. Or maybe Ovechkin will decide to return to his native Dynamo, where, of course, they are waiting for him.

Frankly speaking, it is still very difficult to believe in the imminent return of the star of the National Hockey League (NHL) Alexander Ovechkin to Russia. But there are several "buts" that can turn the dreams of Dynamo fans into reality. And if Ovi comes back, it will only be to his home club.

"Dynamo" - the team that raised me as an athlete and a person. I went from a children's sports school through the second team, the youth team to the team of masters, and became the champion of Russia in 2005. Got respect from people who never knew me. Who is Alexander Ovechkin? Nobody ever knew.

You should be born with it, understand that Dynamo" - this is yours, the club whose game you enjoy watching in basketball, hockey, football - in any sports. The main thing for me is the word Dynamo"".

This quote by Alexander Ovechkin, once uttered at Sport FM, has been around for several years. But there is no doubt that nothing has changed since then. Moreover, he repeatedly said in interviews that he would not mind ending his career with Dynamo.

Another question is when will this happen? Now Ovechkin is 34 years old, and the end of his career is not far off. Some at this age already hang skates and clubs on a nail. Sasha is not even going to think about it.

What is known about the new contract with Washington?

Naturally, Washington is monitoring the situation and preparing a new proposal for Ovechkin. The current contract expires at the end of the 2020/21 season, which is next spring. But even taking into account the age of their star striker, the "capital" are ready to lay on the table a contract for 3-5 years with a salary of $ 9.5-10 million per year. This is about the same as he earns now. That is, in theory, he can earn about $ 50 million in the NHL.

Is Ovechkin ready to play until the age of 38-40? There are such examples overseas. The freshest is Czech Jaromir Jagr, who in his 48 years (!) still goes to the site in his homeland. He said goodbye to the national team at 43, and left the NHL just two years ago. So, if health permits, Ovechkin will still play and play. Moreover, he has the main goal of life - to catch up on goals in the NHL of the great Wayne Gretzky (706 versus 894). Seasons 4-5 are definitely needed for this.

What do they think about Ovechkin's return to Dynamo

To begin with, it is worth recalling that Alexander Ovechkin is the current adviser to the president of the Dynamo club. Of course, this is a formal position and it has nothing to do with the operational activities of the club. But for his merits, he is one of those whose advice can help in a given situation.

When the news about the forward's possible return home appeared, the press service of "Dynamo" represented by the head of the department Mikhail Kravchenko promptly reacted to this:

“He is an advisor to the president of the club, naturally, he will be considered by us first of all. Alexander will now begin negotiations with Washington with the start of the training camp. And everything else is from the series “but if only” ... We would, of course, take him, he is our pupil. Do you think we will give up such a great player? In no case. There is even nothing to comment on here, it's just really sucked news from the finger. "

Indeed, Washington is waiting for November, when training camps will open in the NHL and hockey players will return after vacations. Washington Managers: “We will negotiate at the training camp. We will continue them ", - said the general manager of" capital " Brian McLellan about negotiations with Ovechkin.

But even if you fantasize that Ovechkin really, for some reason, wants to return to Moscow, then at least one important condition must be fulfilled for this - he must want to move strongly under the contract. It's not even a matter of whether Dynamo have $ 9-10 million a year for their pupil. This season, the KHL has a salary ceiling of 900 million rubles for the entire team. It is easy to calculate that 9 million is about 700 million rubles. There is no way to assemble a team for the remaining 200. Maximum salary for the leader of the blue and white Vadima Shipacheva is 120 million rubles. He is the highest paid player in the entire league. Is Ovechkin ready to go for it?

Perhaps in 3-4 years he will really think about it seriously when he gives himself up to the NHL. Now he has 1152 matches overseas and 1278 points (706 + 572). And many would want to see the legend in the KHL, even at a venerable age. But the time has not come yet.

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