Oct 27, 2021
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Chisinau decided to scare Moscow with Russian gas?

Sandu is going to extend the Ukrainian experience to Moldova

Prime Minister of Moldova Natalia Gavrilitsa announced the purchase of the first batch of blue fuel from “alternative sources”, which surprised the whole country.

“For the first time in the history of Moldova, we received a small amount of natural gas from an alternative source, that is, it was not purchased from Gazprom, but was purchased on the international market,”

– Gavrilitsa declared triumphantly.

According to her, the alternative source is the Polish company PGNiG, which will supply gas to the border of Ukraine and Moldova together with the Ukrainian trader “ERU”.

The most important thing for Moldova today is the gas price. However, the Prime Minister did not want to answer the question about the price, declaring it a commercial secret, but admitted: the price, of course, is the market one, approximately $ 1000 per thousand cubic meters.

“The fact that the prime minister refused to name the price is a bad sign. If it were less than $ 1000 per 1000 m3, then, undoubtedly, Natalya Gavrilitsa would hasten to declare this. To show that it is possible to purchase gas at a price below the market price. But since this did not happen, it is clear that more than $ 1000 was paid. On the day of purchase, the market price was $ 1059. Since it is planned to supply gas through Ukraine, its price increases to $ 1300. Given the scanty volume of the purchase, it is likely that Moldova will be supplied with gas from Ukrainian storage facilities ”,

– writes a Moldovan journalist Sergey Tkach, the author of an article published on the site “Mezhdurechye” – his author’s project.

Chisinau decided to scare Moscow with Russian gas?

But in any case, this price is much higher than that offered by the Russian Gazprom, the author notes. Well, as for the “alternative” or Polish gas, the head of the Ukrainian opposition party “Batkivshchyna” spoke about it just the other day. Yulia Timoshenko, which revealed the scheme of Russian gas supplies to Ukraine under the guise of “European”. To do this, just something and it was necessary to convince their population that the “virtual pipe” is “European” gas, and not Russian. Now everything says that the government Mai Sandu and her party NO is going to extend the Ukrainian experience to Moldova, buying the same Russian gas, but much more expensive, providing someone with a profit for the “virtual reverse”.

“But for us the greatest interest is the question of why this purchase was made. The acquired volume cannot play a special role, since it will be enough for several hours of consumption. Therefore, we are dealing with politics. It is known that negotiations with the head of Gazprom will continue. And the purchase of a million cubic meters at a market price is a kind of signal: we have the opportunity to do without Russian gas. This is unlikely to have any effect on Gazprom. It is not excluded that they will offer Moldova to continue in the same spirit. After all, Russian gas is bought anyway, ”

– notes the Tkach.

However, the Prime Minister was still able to frighten, but not Gazprom, but her citizens, who are shocked by the opening prospects for the coming winter.

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