Oct 15, 2020
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Chinese with Nizhny Novgorod: what foreign languages ​​and why children of stars learn

Chinese with Nizhny Novgorod: what foreign languages ​​and why children of stars learn

Ksenia Sobchak with her son Plato / Galina Yudashkina with her son Anatoly

All parents strive to give their children the best. Celebrities do not skimp on expensive gifts or the education of their offspring. Well, the main item of expenses today is the study of foreign languages. Amounts for teachers and tutors begin to be written off, as soon as the baby is able to look at the world from his branded stroller. But one day you will have to go beyond the threshold of the Rublev estate. According to star strategists, by that time there will already be a world under the rule of China: it is this language that the children of many celebrities are diligently learning.

For what and how else our stars prepare their heirs through the study of foreign languages, we tell in our material.

Chinese remains the most popular in the stellar language school. This difficult language is taught by the three-year-old son of Ksenia Sobchak Platon (he began to comprehend the Chinese literacy from the age of one year), the six-year-old daughter of Tatiana Navka Nadezhda, as well as the children of Alsou - 14-year-old Safina and 12-year-old Mikella already confidently speak the conversational level, but the youngest son, four-year-old Raphael, not so long ago, also began to study hieroglyphs.

Ksenia Sobchak with her son PlatoKsenia Sobchak with her son PlatoTatiana Navka and Dmitry Peskov with their daughter NadyaTatiana Navka and Dmitry Peskov with their daughter NadyaAlsou with daughters Safina and Mikella

Alsou with daughters Mikella and Safina

The motivation of all famous parents is about the same. China has the future, which means it's time to learn how to meet the new world masters with friendly "nihao" and learn how to find a way to their hearts with a couple of quotes from Mao.

How I joke: "So that the elderly parents have someone to translate the execution sentence from the language of the conquerors." But seriously, I have always believed that money should be kept only in dollars and euros, because I still don’t remember a crisis to which the ruble would not react with a fall, and, you see, I was not mistaken. I also believe that China will become the number one country in the world within 10 years, and while America is engaged in leftist hysteria, destroying itself, China will rule the world economy. Unfortunately, this is how I see the situation. We need to somehow prepare for this,

- Ksenia Sobchak argued her choice.

Ksenia Sobchak with her son Plato

The TV presenter, like many other things for the family economy, found a governer for her three-year-old son, apparently, on favorable terms for advertising, while she did not forget to thank the British agency Duke and Duchess International. Mentioning this clearly does not hurt: the office has less than two thousand subscribers on Instagram. But the tutors and tutors are apparently good and the methods of teaching them are interesting. Ksenia's subscribers who introduced themselves as Chinese teachers appreciated Plato's successes.

The pronunciation is excellent! Plato is great!

- praised one of Xenia's subscribers.

I must have gone to my mother with intellectual abilities. Clever little girl

- wrote one of the commentators. We hope Maxim Vitorgan will not read this.

Ksenia Sobchak with her son Plato and ex-husband Maxim VitorganKsenia Sobchak with her son Plato and ex-husband Maxim Vitorgan

If Ksenia puts on one possible scenario for the development of the world, then Alsou, who herself has Russian and British citizenship, is preparing more reserve linguistic airfields for her children. In addition to Chinese, they teach English, French, Spanish and Hebrew. The latter is a tribute to the ancestors on the paternal side, because although Yan Abramov was born in Azerbaijan, he comes from a family of Mountain Jews.

Alsou and Yan Abramov with childrenAlsou and Yan Abramov with children

By the way, while Sobchak, albeit as a joke, is preparing to read execution sentences in Chinese, Alsou has completely different plans for this country. Since her daughter, 12-year-old Mikella, is engaged in music, the star mother is counting on Chinese listeners (after the scandal with the "Voice" competition in front of the Russian public, aspirations are understandable).

Mikella, can you imagine if even one percent of the Chinese population finds out about you, buys your song, comes to your concert, that's all. Parents will retire right away

- said Alsou in a joint interview with her daughter in the program with Regina Todorenko.

In the meantime, the yuan has to be counted only in exercises for numbers, Alsou encourages her daughter, who admitted that she does not like to learn languages, with other bonuses.

Learning languages ​​is useful for self-development, first of all. It improves memory. Yes, and it's nice to come to the country and speak its language,

- Alsou said, admitting that she herself always wanted to learn many languages.

In general, you may not become a polyglot, but you will remember how you did not have free time.

Alsou with daughters Safina and Mikella and son RafaelAlsou with daughters Mikella and Safina and son Rafael

Distance learning did not turn into an unscheduled vacation for six-year-old Nadya Peskova, daughter of Tatiana Navka and press secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. In between workouts on the ice, the girl learns French and Chinese at home.

And if Nadia studies French with a teacher remotely, then Chinese daughters of celebrities teach at home. By the way, Nadia has been doing it for two years. Judging by the video, the teacher communicates with the girl only in Chinese, and Nadia already knows how to write hieroglyphs.

But even if China does not conquer the whole world, as analysts have been expecting for several years, the efforts of the stellar heirs will still not be in vain - they can always show off their knowledge in a conversation with each other. Who knows, maybe in twenty years in the secular salons of the capital, the latest gossip will be discussed in Chinese.

Tatiana Navka with her daughter NadyaTatiana Navka with her daughter Nadya

The fanatical passion for a foreign language by the Russian nobility already took place in the 18th and early 19th centuries. In the 21st century, new elites will catch up, we will hear a mixture of Chinese with Nizhny Novgorod, and another bon vivant will coquettishly and bashfully ask to let him speak a foreign language, because he is more accustomed to it than to Russian.

However, not all of our celebrities drag teachers overseas into their homes. Some get by on their own. So, Peter Maksakov, the husband of Galina Yudashkina, speaks with his eldest son, four-year-old Anatoly, in English. And he already has something to answer to his father, a graduate of a private school in the UK and Durham University: in 2018, Anatoly went to an American kindergarten in Moscow.

Galina Yudashkina and Pyotr Maksakov with sonsGalina Yudashkina and Pyotr Maksakov with sons

The kid has already shown not only a penchant for languages, but also a pedagogical talent - Anatoly teaches English to his younger brother, two-year-old Arkady. As they say, multi-move - raise one polyglot in the family, and you don't have to look for barter and advertising with British tutor agencies.

The linguist diploma was useful for Maxim Galkin. Seven-year-old Lisa and Harry, children of Maxim and Alla Pugacheva, learn French from an early age and even attended a kindergarten with in-depth study of French.

The children have a foreign language teacher, but Galkin does not rely only on the efforts of an outside specialist. At home, he also occasionally interacts with children in French and recently shared a video of such a conversation with his daughter Lisa.

It will not be difficult for a brother and sister to surpass a parent, because Galkin is very modest in assessing his own capabilities.

I only know Russian, and taught a few more,

- he answered the subscriber's question, how many languages ​​he knows himself.

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin with childrenAlla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin with children

But now you don't have to worry. Everything that I learned and forgot, now children will translate. And you say a glass of water ...

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