Jun 20, 2021
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Chinese scientists urge to vaccinate 80% of participants in Tokyo Olympics against COVID-19

Most of the residents of the Olympic Village in Tokyo must be vaccinated against the coronavirus. In this case, the Games will not cause an increase in COVID-19 cases, Chinese scientists said.

Specialists from the PRC created a mathematical model in which they divided all participants in the Tokyo Olympics into six groups: recovered, hospitalized, unprotected, susceptible, infected without symptoms, infected with symptoms. Scientists analyzed the interactions between them and predicted the spread of the coronavirus.

Chinese researchers, according to Izvestia, said vaccination would be an effective addition to the proposed protective measures at the Tokyo Games. If 80% of all participants in the Olympics are vaccinated, the growth of infections in competitions, according to scientists, can be avoided.

The Japanese medical union has previously demanded that the Tokyo Games be canceled. Otherwise, according to doctors, there will be an active spread of new strains of coronavirus.

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