Oct 14, 2020
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Chinese horoscope: how to determine your element by date of birth

Chinese horoscope: how to determine your element by date of birth

Eastern wisdom helps to know exactly about the peculiarities of your character thanks to the definition of the element that leaves an imprint on each of us. You can determine your element by date of birth.

Eastern philosophy has evolved over the centuries, and thanks to the wisdom of generations, everyone can learn a lot about themselves. Experts propose to get acquainted with a simple way of defining your element in order to better understand your characteristics, decide on the choice of the further path and develop positive traits of your character.

According to the Chinese horoscope, it is easy to determine your belonging to this or that element. For this, the last digit of the year of birth is needed, which will identify belonging to the element. Those who were born from January 1 to February 20 need the last digit not of their year of birth, but of the previous one. After that, they check the table:

0-1: element of Metal;
2-3: element of Water;
4-5: element of the Wood;
6-7: element of Fire;
8-9: element of the Earth.

Each element is unique and is embodied in people in different ways. Having learned the main characteristics, you can see your best character traits, as well as weaknesses, with which it is important to fight in order to gain well-being and harmony with the outside world.

Metal. People belonging to this element are distinguished by strong-willed character and independence. Their priorities lie in the plane of achieving prosperity and gaining power. Metal people are not used to losing, but they will not act against the law in order to achieve their goal: they are attracted by honesty and reliability. In the nature of the people of this element, there are also impulsiveness and hot temper, which sometimes interfere with communication with the environment, so they need exercises to achieve internal balance.

Water. People of Water have sociability and the ability to win over their surroundings. They easily adapt to circumstances and are able to bypass the trap on the path to happiness. People of this element have creative abilities, which, with proper development, allow them to live comfortably. Despite their positive qualities, people of Water have an innate gift for managing people, and they make strong manipulators. This trait can be both helpful and interfering with building strong relationships, so you need to handle it with care and learn to control yourself.

Wood. People of this element are generous and kind, wise, but from an early age they are prone to depression. Accustomed to going to the rescue, they are often disappointed when they see injustice, and often withdraw into themselves, unable to change the world. People of the Tree often doubt themselves and hesitate before making important decisions, and exercises to train willpower will come in handy.

The fire. Fire People are distinguished by their bright appearance and strong temperament. In their character there is true fire, which can both warm and burn. Most often, the fire element gives birth to leaders, but if the people of Fire take liberties, then the traits of a dictator will prevail in their character. Those who want to cultivate the best traits in themselves - the will to win, the protection of others, the ability to attract financial well-being - should pay attention to meditation. They will help you find the strength to deal with negative character traits.

Earth. The people of the Earth have wisdom. They are cautious and reluctant to get close to strangers, but they make the most loyal friends and partners. Earthly people are disciplined and responsible, but they can make an elephant out of a fly, creating obstacles for themselves on the path to happiness. It is important for them to strengthen the biofield so as not to become hostages of manipulators.

Belonging to the elements undoubtedly leaves an imprint on the personality, however, the development of each of us depends not only on the elements. The ability to attract positive thoughts, refuse deception and lies, cultivate the best qualities in oneself allow you to develop in the right direction and live a happy life filled with joy.

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