Jan 4, 2022
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Chinese Foreign Ministry told where the AUKUS agreement will lead

The AUKUS trilateral agreement means that if the plan to develop nuclear submarines is implemented, Australia will receive weapons-grade uranium, Fu Tsun, director of the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s arms control department, said at a briefing, RIA Novosti reported.

According to him, there are no guarantees that Canberra will not use these materials to create nuclear weapons.

Fu Cong also added that the Chinese side considers what is happening as a kind of loophole in the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, while there is a threat that other countries will do the same.

We will remind, the USA, Great Britain and Australia signed the AUKUS deal, which includes interaction on defense and security issues. In this regard, Canberra withdrew from an agreement with Paris to create 12 Barracuda-class attack submarines. The contract value was 56 billion euros, in France the decision of the Australian side was called “a stab in the back.”

Earlier, French leader Emmanuel Macron said that the Australian government misbehaved in the situation with the withdrawal from the agreement on the construction of submarines.

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