Sep 16, 2020
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Chinese Foreign Ministry talks about coronavirus vaccine trials

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said that the Chinese coronavirus vaccine in the third stage of clinical trials in the United Arab Emirates has shown positive results, RIA Novosti reported.

Earlier this week, it became known that the UAE authorities, after six weeks of clinical trials, have issued an "emergency use authorization" for the COVID-19 vaccine developed by China's Sinopharm CNBG. In July, UAE specialists, together with Chinese partners, moved to the last, third stage of drug testing. Until it is completed. According to the UAE, the vaccine has already been tested on 31,000 volunteers.

“The epidemiological situation in the world is still quite serious, and the vaccine is an important weapon that is necessary for our final victory in the fight against COVID-19,” Wang Wenbin said at the briefing. "The international community is actively collaborating to promote vaccine development so that we can build a protective barrier against the virus."

The diplomat also said that once the Chinese vaccine is developed and used, "it will become a global public good." The Chinese authorities are going to contribute to the availability and affordability of the drug in developing countries, said a foreign policy official.

He called the PRC and the UAE "comprehensive strategic partners", which since the beginning of the epidemic have jointly fought the virus, and now the first in the world to begin the third phase of clinical tests and "are already seeing positive results."

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