Jan 14, 2022
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Chinese football players to be forced to remove tattoos

Chinese football players to be forced to remove tattoos

Sports authorities in China have begun to crack down on tattoos among football players called up to the country’s national teams. It is reported by the South China Morning Post.

In China, the fight against the harmful influence of the West continues. Now it has also affected sports. All Chinese football players have been ordered to remove their tattoos. If they want to continue their sports career, then they will have to go through the painful process of getting rid of the tattoo.

If in 2018, the players were ordered to cover their tattoos with something when entering the field, for example, to stick them with a band-aid, hide them under their clothes, now they should not be at all.

In China, this is done by the General Administration of Sports, whose employees instruct football players to be a positive example for society. Previously, sanctions overtook the team in women’s football, when girls were forbidden to play with dyed hair.

The South China Morning Post writes that athletes are also prohibited from having long hair or frilly hairstyles, and they were also required to get rid of all kinds of accessories. But just with these requirements, everything is simple – it will not be difficult to fulfill them. What can not be said about tattoos: to eliminate this flaw, the players will have to spend a lot of time and there will still be traces of the operation on the body. Moreover, some Chinese football stars at one time were very fond of tattoos – their bodies, especially their neck and arms, are densely covered with all sorts of patterns.

Failure to comply will result in disqualification. Sports officials have decreed that players in the Chinese national teams must go through ideological training in all age groups. The leaders of the national teams are instructed to strengthen the patriotic training of the players.

Nikolay Ivanov.


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