Sep 12, 2021
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Chinese fleet heading to US bases

Chinese fleet heading to US bases

The confrontation between the fleets of the United States and China is growing.

Beijing flew into a rage when an American warship invaded a 12-mile zone off an artificial Chinese island in the South China Sea. A powerful military base is located on this island, but China did not dare to strike at the intruder.

Now Beijing has threatened to use American methods. It is reported about the preparation of the Chinese flotilla for a campaign to the shores of the United States. China plans to enter its ships into a 12-mile zone near the US bases of its allies.

Tensions reached such an extent that Biden had his first telephone conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping in seven months, talking about the need to avoid a military conflict.

China’s ships can also approach bases in Japan. Washington urgently increases economic and military aid to Taiwan. The American command promises that nothing will stop the US fleet from being present in the South China Sea.

This means that American missile destroyers will enter the zones of China’s declared territorial waters in the area of ​​disputed and artificial islands. One of them has been converted into a stationary aircraft carrier. These events are unfolding against the background of the intensification of the internal political struggle in China, where, as writes “to express”, Part of the party elite opposes the third term of the president as General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party.

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