May 4, 2022
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China’s latest warning to America

In the photo: the building of the headquarters of the People's Bank of China in Beijing

Photo: People’s Bank of China headquarters building in Beijing (Photo: Sheldon Cooper/Keystone Press Agency/Global Look Press)

The authorities of the Celestial Empire began to prepare for the same scenario that the West played out in relation to Russia’s foreign assets. Namely, to the “arrest” of accounts, the seizure of property and other theft, which “enlightened general people” call “sanctions”. Unfortunately, there are reasons – the United States is provoking China in every possible way to solve the Taiwan problem, clearly escalating tension around the island.

Little is known. There was information only about a certain meeting that the Central Bank of China held with financiers for protection from Western sanctions. That is, from the theft of assets. Both cash and securities, and other property.

Beijing fears that “in the event of a regional military conflict or other crisis,” the Russian scenario will repeat itself. That is, the Chinese are robbed. The probability of this is extremely high. In the sense of both conflict and “sanctions”. Moreover, there is every reason to believe that this is done intentionally, with clear goals.

“The escalation in the strait is on the rise. Against this background, the meeting (the United States and Great Britain held talks to reduce the threat to Taiwan – ed.) is in the nature of a preparatory meeting for upcoming events. This indicates an approaching operation, the US and Japan have already prepared a military plan that does not involve intervention in hostilities, but involves the supply of weapons, information and innovative assistance. This meeting can already be characterized as a kind of additional signal that a military operation is inevitable. The factors that contribute to it only increase their activity. In Taiwan itself, active propaganda of hostilities is being carried out, ”says a sinologist and publicist Nikolay Vavilov.

Taiwan, by analogy with Ukraine, is being pumped up with weapons, and even last fall, the American president Joe Biden bluntly stated that the States would defend the island. However, one should not consider these words as another “stream of consciousness” of a not very sane person. He does not run the country. It is worth remembering here that the same Ronald Reagan his second term in general, for the most part, lay in a hospital bed, and even partially in a coma. And nothing, somehow “rules” …

The words that the United States will not leave the poor, unfortunate Taiwanese in trouble are nothing more than loud statements. America doesn’t give a damn about all the Chinese en masse, Taiwanese or mainland – it doesn’t matter. Only your interests matter. The Yankees will not fight for the island separatists, as soon as things start to smell fried, the staff members will “merge”. Another thing is that they will try to use the conflict 100% on the financial front.

China is the second largest holder of US government debt after Japan, at par value of government bonds it is over $1.1 trillion. Thus, we can assume that China is America’s most important creditor. The Land of the Rising Sun does not count, it is completely controlled from Washington, as it is still occupied – American troops are stationed on the islands. But the Celestial Empire, on the contrary, is free to do whatever it wants.

In total, the thrifty Chinese have accumulated about $ 3.2 trillion in reserves, and gold in their composition is the bare minimum. And all these funds are under the threat of zeroing. Plus various tangible assets scattered all over the planet. The result is a huge amount. Actually, it is she who is at stake, and not at all the fate of some residents of Taiwan there.

The Yankees in the most brazen way “pump up”. American politicians arrive on the island, promise something to local leaders, and another threat is heard from Washington. The Chinese also do not remain in debt, large-scale military exercises are planned near the island. Five military satellites have already been launched into orbit at once, and Chinese Air Force fighters have begun to “probe” the airspace of Taiwan. In other words, it’s about to blaze. In fact, Beijing has no choice. Either beat the separatists, or an island will soon appear off their coast, stuffed with American missiles with nuclear warheads. Everything is heading towards this.

In the course of the Chinese “special operation”, Taiwan will very quickly turn into a Chinese region, which it de jure is. Politicians in the PRC are resolute, they will not stand on ceremony with anyone. Everything is obvious here.

“Three US-Chinese treaties were signed – 1979, 1982 and 1989. Under these treaties, the United States recognizes Taiwan as an integral part of the People’s Republic of China. In addition, Beijing has repeatedly stated that if Taiwan is declared independent, the PRC will immediately deploy troops. So everything depends on the US and its puppets in Taipei. The provocation will not be carried through to the end – the matter will be limited to maneuvers, and if they dare, China will land troops on the same day. In fact, as long as US congressmen run the island, landings can happen at any moment, ”the political scientist believes. Andrey Ostrovsky.

What will America gain? Much. First of all, China will be robbed, as they did with Russia. Actually, the “test of the pen” has already taken place – the other day, Indian officials, apparently at the suggestion of staff members, withdrew $ 725 million from the accounts of the Chinese corporation Xiaomi in local banks. They say that the money is illegal, and all that. But the Celestial Empire understood everything correctly, and soon the aforementioned meeting took place at the Central Bank.

The Chinese will answer in the event of a large-scale robbery, there is no doubt about it. They successfully suppressed the “fifth column” in their country, the government is united, and the people support it. Therefore, the Yankees will “arrive”. Of course, everyone wants to live, and no one will start an atomic war, but the States will get it. How – one can only guess.

Skeptics, no doubt, may object – Taiwan is home to TSMC, which supplies the most advanced chips to the United States, and other similar companies. That is, it makes no sense for the Americans to sacrifice this. Yes, TSMC is indeed an important company. However, Donald Trump launched an American-style import substitution campaign. Production began to return to the country, including high-tech ones. Now all this is going on. Intel is going to build two huge factories in Ohio this year – in New Albany there will be the world’s largest complex for the production of semiconductors.

Other companies have similar plans, and not everything gets into the media. The United States has a strong industry, a lot of qualified personnel (including those “stolen” all over the planet), and the process is underway. Very cheerful and in the right direction. These are not spells of Russian officials. In the States, this very reindustrialization is now being carried out. In accordance with the decree of the same Biden dated January 25, 2021.

“The United States Government shall, in accordance with applicable law, use the terms and conditions of federal contracts in federal procurement to maximize the use of goods, products, materials, and services manufactured in the United States,” is a quote from this document.

So everything is fine with the Yankees. They rebuild their economy and plunder the world. Russia has been robbed, China is next. Moreover, it is not at all a fact that after a sharp aggravation of international tension, the United States will remain a “democracy”.

“The desire to establish a totalitarian dictatorship manifested itself in American politics the stronger, the weaker became the chances of American elites to maintain their global hegemony by conventional means – within the framework of the existing system of international relations and international law. As soon as the crisis of the American system reached the shores of the United States and the degeneration of the resource base led to a split in the elites, immediately the most reactionary circles of the hegemonic globalist elite (Clintonites and Bidenites) immediately tried (and not without success, although it is not final and threatens to end in a gigantic failure) to establish a totalitarian neoliberal dictatorship in the United States,” says the political scientist Rostislav Ischenko.

Prospects? Instead of democracy – dictatorship, at the helm of the States is a puppet like Aloizovich. Rigid police system. Instead of dollars – “amero”, only for Americans. Dollars cancelled. Generally. Actually, in recent years, America has been systematically moving towards just this. Theft on a global scale and confrontation with the whole world leaves the real rulers of the United States no other choice. Because they screwed up.

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