Oct 14, 2021
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China with a colt at the temple

China with a colt at the temple

Photo: ZumaTACC

Svobodnaya Pressa continues to publish translations by authors from alternative Western media. This is far from the kind of propaganda that is printed in CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and other “authoritative” media resources. If you are interested in learning more about these authors, you can take a look here.

I have no doubt that the Angloses have been holding China at gunpoint for some time now and that China has now become the evil, insidious bogeyman No. 1, displacing Russia from this position. Incidentally, this hysterical paranoia and hatred of China is equally shared by two indistinguishable factions of the single Imperial Party that rules the United States: hatred of China represents a political consensus, at least in the ruling class of the United States (hence the silly expression “CCP virus” and other similar illiterate infantilisms).

Here is my highly personal and subjective interpretation of what happened and why China is now Official Enemy Number One Hyper-Villain.

I’ll start by comparing China to two other official Anglo Zionist Hyper-Villains – Enemies 2 and 3.

Russia… The US / NATO / EU policy towards Russia has completely failed. It crashed. Political collapse: this “evil KGB killer Putin“Is still in power and does not even have a semi-serious rival; pro-Western sentiments in Russia now amount to somewhere between 1 and 2 percent maximum. Economic collapse: Russia has recovered from sanctions and the covid crisis and is thriving – at least by comparison with the West. Military collapse: the US and NATO are now the notorious “paper tigers”. And finally, the entire “Ukrainian strategy” has also undergone changes and has now turned into an unmanageable nightmare for the EU (which fully deserves it). In other words, Europe is now a “bad place” for the US, which really can do little to change this reality.

Iran. The US / NATO / EU policy towards Iran has also failed completely. Yes, Iran is going through very difficult times, sanctions and covid have done and continue to harm it, but militarily, Iran successfully defeated the Anglo-Zionist alliance in two ways: first, by keeping the Anglo-Zionists from a direct attack (for now) and by showing their true capabilities in their superior missile strikes against US bases: CENTCOM + Israel’s attack on Iran would be suicidal, and the Anglo Zionists know it (even when they deny it). Add to that the victory of Russia and Iran in Syria and the ultimate inability of the Israelis to deal with Hezbollah and the Saudis to deal with the Houthis, and you see that the Middle East is another “bad place” for the United States, which really cannot then do nothing to change this reality (if they attack Iran, it will be the end of Israel and CENTCOM). And I will not even mention the event in Kabul, which showed the whole world the true face and capabilities of the US armed forces.

Which logically leaves only China as Official Enemy Number One Hyper-Villain. There are several reasons for this.

– China is economically the largest and strongest power on the planet, and the Chinese are geniuses in commerce and trade.

– China is governed by a leadership that the United States cannot control, subjugate, corrupt or otherwise subjugate (I am talking about leadership collectively, not individuals; traitors are everywhere).

– China and Russia have a very successful alliance, which the Angloses of the country tried very hard to destroy by spreading anti-Chinese propaganda in Russia and anti-Russian propaganda in China. What is the result? These two countries are MORE than “just” allies, they are symbionts that are so “completely different” that they “fit together” like Lego pieces!

– China has made incredible progress in the military field: in the 80s and 90s, China had a huge army, but which was decades behind the United States and the USSR / Russia. Now this is changing very, very quickly, and this has been going on for 20 years.

“While the US has a printing press for money, China has real technology and real manufacturing capabilities, and the result is undeniable: it’s just a matter of time before the quasi-industrialized US becomes impossible to save simply by printing billions of dollars.

– The United States cannot control the Chinese Internet, which deprives them of their main weapon (all this nonsense about human rights, the (un) massacre in Tiananmen Square, in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet etc., etc., etc., etc. As if the West weren’t the biggest human rights violator on the planet, and by a wide margin!)

I’m sure there are many more reasons, but the above is just an example. It is imperative to keep in mind the difference between reasons and pretexts. No one in the Western ruling class cares about human rights or any other Chinese issue (fictional or very real). And I do not deny that in China, as, by the way, in any other country, there are real problems. What I’m saying is that Western rhetoric about China is hypocritical shit.

Besides, China does have real weaknesses. I will list only the few that I know of:

“While the Chinese military has made tremendous progress, this progress is mainly technological. Russian officers, trained together with their Chinese counterparts, regularly report that the “culture” of the Chinese ground forces is still significantly inferior to, say, Russian ones. But I’m betting that a Chinese soldier defending his own land will surpass any Anglo-imperialist soldier fighting for “democracy” (ha!) Thousands of miles from home. Again, as in the United States, Chinese culture is not really military, and the strengths of the Chinese lie elsewhere (trade, emigration, business etc.). In addition, it is likely that the problems reported by Russian military advisers about the Chinese ground forces do not relate to “high-tech” areas such as aerospace, acoustics etc. Finally, even if historically the Chinese are not a nation that is born of war, it is likely that this weakness is much more evident in the military “general purpose” and much less applicable to the specialized and high-tech forces of the PRC (Air Force, Navy, Special Forces, electronic intelligence etc.)

“The Chinese are still struggling in some key areas of military technology such as aircraft engines, but they are really catching up quickly. From the Anglo’s point of view, this means that this is a “now or never” situation. Otherwise, China will do what Russia did between 2000 and 2021. And they can do it.

– China, like Russia, is a multinational and multi-confessional state, so English-speaking countries always try to use this diversity against the peoples of China (they failed in Russia, but in Chechnya they came very close to this, and we should never discount this real ability of the Angloses!).

– China is ruled by the Chinese Communist Party, which inevitably casts images of Nike-GULAGs, insidious secret agents and everything else that the Angloses like to scare themselves with. The fact that the word “communism” in 2021 has a completely different meaning than in the 20th century is too complicated for many to even think about it.

– As many of my readers know, I do not think that Russia is culturally part of Europe, but geographically it is European, at least west of the Urals, and Russians are (mostly) “white”, which is what Western racists are nowadays, seems to like it very much (obviously it was not so much liked in the days of Nazi Europe). So old bad European racism, itself a pretext for imperialism, is even worse with these “Fu manchu fanatics.” * Sinophobia has a particularly long history in the United States, by the way, much more ancient than Russophobia.

– China is at least partially surrounded by Anglo-colonial comprador elites (Taiwan, Japan etc.) and countries that fear the very real regional influence and power of China (Philippines, India etc.)

– The US has some really ideal “unsinkable bases” in the region (Japan, Hawaii, Australia etc.) that are difficult to neutralize (but this also changes, and quickly).

Again, this is not a complete list and I’m sure our commenters can expand on it or point out that some of my assumptions are simply wrong.

But let’s not think too much about that either.

Western ruling elites are in a panic, and they are consolidating into a smaller but potentially tougher “Anglosphere” whose best (or “least bad”) positions are in the Pacific Ocean (as I have always argued, large multinational alliances are good as fig leaves to justify imperialism but militarily bad, they suck). From their point of view, this policy of “making vans in a circle” (an expression straight from the times of genocide, imperialism) makes sense and is indeed a viable option.

I’ll mention some good news and then let our commentators take over. Here are some good ones:

– Russia will never allow the Anglosphere to defeat China militarily. Simply put, she cannot afford it. I will make a prediction: Chinese nuclear submarines in the near future will receive much better sensors and will be better integrated, they will “develop” better noise reduction technologies, faster nuclear submarines with smaller crews and superior automation. In terms of Chinese aircraft, they are already very impressive, and China does not have the same need as Russia for advanced long-range strategic bombers (where they still lag the most) – they can use missiles instead.

– The pace of progress of the PRC is truly amazing, and, unlike Russia, the Chinese industrial base is huge. Once they “get” the “rights” to the technology, they can produce it in huge quantities. Thus, even if the best Chinese submarine is still inferior or, at best, more or less equal to the original Los Angeles class, they can produce them (and other ships or aircraft) in much larger quantities than the Anglosphere.

– The Chinese space program, in my, I admit, an unengineered opinion, looks much more promising than the PR shit of Bezos or Musk, which they managed to sell to the completely misguided American taxpayer. This is very important, even critical for modern warfare.

– Chinese leaders (finally!) Have spoken out! In the past, they were all Putin and Russia; The Chinese have mostly kept a low profile, but now they are confident enough to call a spade a spade, and they are very successful in striking back at the English-language propaganda – openly and directly.

– Apparently, the Chinese are proud patriots who will not sell their recently and very painfully acquired sovereignty to anyone (Well done! I wish all countries would follow this model!). They also know the history, including how the Anglo-Saxons fought them to sell opium (there was no shit about human rights then, just a brutal gang war). They can also take a look at modern day Japan and see what true Anglo dominance can do to an ancient and noble culture.

Again, I invite you all to add to the above list or dispel my misconceptions!

My personal conclusion is this: all major powers are preparing for a major war in Far East Asia and the Pacific. With God’s help and with the wise leadership of Putin and Xi, this will never happen.

But yes, China, in my opinion, is definitely under the gun of the Angloses.

Author: Andrey Raevsky – published under the pseudonym The Saker – a blogger widely known in the West. Was born in Zurich (Switzerland). Father is Dutch, mother is Russian. Served as an analyst in the Swiss Armed Forces and in the UN research structures. He specializes in the study of post-Soviet states. Lives in Florida (USA). Published with permission from the author.

Translation by Sergey Dukhanov

* Dr. Fu Manchu (Fu Manchu, sometimes translated into Russian as “Fu Manchu”) is a literary character created by the English writer Sachs Romer. Fu Manchu is the embodiment of evil, a crime genius like Professor Moriarty or Fantomas. His image has been used in films, television, radio, comics for more than 90 years. Sachs Romer wrote 13 stories about Fu Mancha, there are sequels by other authors.

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