Sep 15, 2021
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China reacts to ambassador’s ban on visiting British parliament

The Chinese authorities reacted to the ban on the Ambassador of the People’s Republic from visiting the British Parliament. Chinese diplomats have called on British colleagues to stop self-harm.

British authorities have banned Chinese Ambassador to London Zheng Zheguang from visiting the parliament building. This was announced by the speaker of the House of Commons (lower house of parliament) Lindsay Hoyle.

According to him, this was a response to Chinese sanctions imposed on British politicians. The sanctions were the Chinese side’s reaction to the “lies and misinformation” of Great Britain, which accused Beijing of violating the rights of the Uighurs.

Hoyle stressed that the ban on visiting parliament for Zeguang will be lifted as soon as China lifts its sanctions.

The Chinese embassy, ​​in turn, accused the UK of unfriendly moves. Chinese diplomats stressed that in this way the British only harm themselves.

This contemptuous and despicable act on the part of a number of politically motivated individuals in the British Parliament runs counter to the wishes of the people in both countries and harms their interests.

– the message says.

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