Sep 13, 2020
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China has named Russian weapons that will put the US in a “stalemate”

The author of the Chinese portal Sina praised the Russian complexes "Sarmat", "Yars" and "Avangard", which, in his opinion, are capable of putting the United States in a "hopeless position." Particular attention is paid to the latter.

It is noted that a missile fired by the Avangard complex is capable of reaching Washington in 15 minutes; the American armed forces do not have the means to intercept it.

American magazine suggested what "incredible" and unknown to Russia weapon Trump had in mind

According to experts, it is unnecessary and dangerous and can erase the boundaries "between the battlefield and an all-out nuclear war."

"Vanguard" in China was called "a masterpiece of the Russian army." The rocket has a hypersonic speed of Mach 27 and flies over a distance of 10 thousand kilometers. In addition, it is difficult to detect with the help of air defense systems, which allows for a quick and accurate strike.

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Earlier, the United States announced more than 40 tests of hypersonic weapons, and President Donald Trump boasted of "incredible" American weapons unseen in Russia.

Khomyakova Daria
Khomyakova Daria

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