Nov 22, 2021
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China could launch a missile from a hypersonic glider

Pentagon experts said that at the end of July, China could launch a rocket from a gliding glider moving at a speed of five times the speed of sound, writes the Financial Times.

According to the publication, during the tests, another object separated from the hypersonic glider over the South China Sea, which could be an air-to-air missile.

Presumably, this could be an electronic countermeasures designed to disable enemy missile defense elements.

Earlier it was reported that China successfully conducted a secret test of the latest hypersonic missile, an analogue of the Russian “Petrel”, which was able to circumnavigate the Earth and hit the target, which at first did not know US intelligence.

The day before, the Pentagon also announced that three successful tests were carried out as part of the development of US hypersonic weapons. Reuters, in turn, reports that these tests were delayed due to problems encountered during the launch of the launch vehicle.

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