Jan 14, 2022
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China accuses US of creating and spreading COVID-19

What can happen at the Beijing Winter Olympics?

Xinhua News Agency presented the report of the Taihe Institute and a private Chinese think tank Intelligence and Alliance (IATT) entitled The US is responsible for the global spread of COVID-19. The US is accused of creating and spreading the COVID-19 virus.

The report says: “Data from multiple sources indicate that the United States is most likely the site of the origin of the COVID-19 virus and also bears the greatest responsibility for the rapid spread of the disease around the world. Their political manipulations have particularly complicated global efforts to fight the pandemic.”.

A study by Chinese analysts of American sources showed that the coronavirus was registered in the United States in December 2019, a month before the officially registered case. In an article published March 30, 2020 at New England Journal of Medicine, reported a study of 24 seriously ill patients in the US city of Seattle. “None of the patients had recently traveled to a country with known transmission, such as China, the Republic of Korea, Iran, or Italy…Genomic and epidemiological analysis of the RNA sequenced virus found in western Washington showed that the spread of SARS-CoV-2 was the result of local transmission … “ American scientists stated.

Chinese analysts draw attention to the manipulation of the timing of the detection of coronavirus in the United States. This conclusion is supported by research IATT, whose report, titled “Patient Zero”, cites the article “Deadly Germ Research in Army Lab Stopped Due to Security Concerns” (The New York Times, August 5, 2019). Studies have shown that for the 12 northeastern states of the United States, the dates of the first infection fall mainly between August and October 2019. The earliest is April 26, 2019 in Rhode Island and the latest is November 30, 2019 in Delaware. All of these dates are earlier than the official detection date for COVID-19 in the US.

Chinese analysts suggest that the coronavirus was created in a secret Pentagon laboratory at Fort Detrick: “The United States pioneered research into recombinant viruses and has unrivaled potential in this area. They have also funded and conducted more coronavirus research than any other country. Until 2015, Dr. Ralph Barik’s team at the University of North Carolina developed the most advanced coronavirus recombination technology and obtained the genetic sequences of coronaviruses as a result of their research in collaboration with the military biolab at Fort Detrick. This lab was abruptly shut down by the US military due to suspected leaks in July 2019. The lab closure was followed by reports of outbreaks of unknown pneumonia with symptoms similar to COVID-19 in the vicinity of Fort Detrick. It is possible that there is the source of the pandemic.”.

It is widely known that biological weapons are being developed at Fort Detrick. Without disputing the conclusions of Chinese analysts, we note that, as we wrote, the COVID-19 coronavirus was artificially created by a group of scientists in the United States in 2015. Led the group Wynette D. Menaheri, whose main place of work is the Galveston National Laboratory (Galveston National Laboratory, GNL) at the University of Texas. This was reported on November 9, 2015 in the most respected medical journal natural medicine in Article A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence. The first among the authors of this article is Wynette D. Menaheri.

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In a group study Wynette D. Menaheri story: “Created coronaviruses can efficiently replicate in primary cells of the human respiratory tract and achieve in vitro titers. (in test tube. – Ed.)equivalent to SARS-CoV epidemic strains. In addition, in vivo experiments (inside a living organism. – Ed.) demonstrate replication of a chimeric virus in mouse lung with marked pathogenesis. Evaluation of available immunotherapeutic and prophylactic methods based on SARS showed low efficiency; both monoclonal antibody and vaccine approaches have failed to neutralize and protect against CoV infection using the novel spiked protein.”.

In other words, long-term methods of treating viral diseases are powerless against the Wynette D. Menaheri coronaviruses. The authors announced that they received an extremely dangerous virus, and announced that “The advent of SARS-CoV heralded a new era in cross-species transmission of severe respiratory diseases, with globalization leading to rapid worldwide spread and huge economic consequences” [выделено нами. – В.П.].

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This publication in an authoritative scientific journal convincingly proves that the coronavirus SARS-CoV was artificially created in the United States in the Galveston laboratory. The lab’s research is funded, writes Italian expert Beatrice Cavalli, “The Pentagon, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), federal agencies and, needless to say, the biopharmaceutical industry”.

The report of Chinese analysts indicates that developments to create a coronavirus were carried out simultaneously in Fort Detrick and Galveston. And in many countries, early cases of coronavirus infection are associated with the United States: “12 states … officially reported that the “patient zero” in these countries came from the United States”. According to studies by the Japanese Cayo University, Tel Aviv University and Canadian doctors, infection in these countries “Brought in by people who arrived from the USA”, “a strain of a virus that originated in the United States”, say Chinese analysts. A significant part of their report is devoted to criticism of the ineffective US measures to combat the “pandemic”. In an effort to avoid accusations of bias, in their conclusions and accusations against the United States, Chinese experts rely on reports and studies by foreign scientists and think tanks, including publications in the American media. At the same time, Western developments of even more dangerous viruses than COVID-19 remained outside the scope of the report.

Thus, in a 2010 report by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency subordinate to the Pentagon, it was said that it was possible to create an ethnic racial viral weapon based on the mechanism of the so-called RNA interference. This technology was discovered in 1998 by American scientists Andrew Fire and Craig Mello, who received the Nobel Prize for it in 2006. This means that in the late 1970s, South Africa, within the framework of the project seaside racial biological weapons were created against the black population. Large quantities of lethal chemical and viral warfare toxins were produced as part of this project. In May 2002, Daan Goosen, the former head of South Africa’s biological weapons program, offered his services to US intelligence agencies.

In this regard, it is worth paying attention to the fact that in the United States, the coronavirus attacked African Americans especially fiercely.

The Pentagon is preparing for biological warfare.

The Pentagon is already preparing for biological warfare. In December 2019, an American company FLIR Systems Inc. won a major tender from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for the production of new generation combat suits that can protect soldiers from biological and chemical weapons. Contract reported. “for the rapid development of new fabrics with embedded catalysts and chemicals that can withstand chemical and biological threats when in contact with them”. High-tech material will be woven into the combat suit of soldiers on the modern battlefield.

As the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing begin on February 20, it is worth remembering that on October 19, 2019, 300 US military personnel arrived in Wuhan for the Military World Games. And the first case of coronavirus was reported in Wuhan two weeks later, on November 2. As you know, the incubation period of coronavirus is also two weeks. In early December last year, the United States announced a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics, but after a while it was announced that American officials would still visit the Olympics. What might happen this time?

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