Dec 28, 2020
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Children’s riddles about Russian folk heroes

Riddles about Russian folk heroes – about good and evil characters. Let’s dive into the world of magic together with the kids!

Finding answers won’t always be easy

  • I myself live in the water

In the lake, at the very bottom.

Whether in the fall or in the spring

In the chapter of the mermaids … (Water)

  • It’s getting warmer

The sun came out in the spring.

But such a mood

Just don’t like one! (Snow Maiden)snow maiden

  • My tail is just beauty

And I’m not bad myself.

I’m not a guy, not a girl.

Fabulous me … (Firebird)Firebird

  • There was a hut in the forest,

And animals lived in it.

When they walked

They ran to visit them.

They ate from their dishes,

They sat on their chair,

Slept on their bed

What was the name of the guest? (Masha and the Three Bears)

  • The name is really offensive

Got stupidity.

Apparently, not just like that

Everyone calls … (Ivan the Fool)

  • Brother did not listen to sister,

He took water in a puddle,

I got drunk out of it.

And who has become? (Kid)goat

  • I came to you from epics.

Strong, in general, master.

Fighting is my talent.

Name – Muromets … (Ivan)

  • Run, jump, have fun

He hid from his parents.

But bitten by the sock

Was our round … (Gingerbread man)bun

  • I will never die

If you don’t find an egg

For distant lands.

Who am I (Koschey)?

  • I have a red fur coat.

In general, I am very cunning.

Don’t mind duck for lunch

Who loves to eat … (Fox)?a fox

  • I’m actually a serious animal.

I go into hibernation in winter.

In the summer i love raspberries

Eat if I suddenly find (Bear).bear

  • He is no sloth, he does not love,

He praises the needlewomen.

For honest work

Already will give silver (Moroz Ivanovich).

  • Snowy eyelashes, snowy eyes

White coat, white braid.

She is responsible for gifts to children.

He walks through the woods with Grandfather Frost (Snow Maiden).

  • I am the saddest

The saddest.

You will not cheer

Princess … (Not laughing).

  • I can fly

I know how to burn.

I have three heads,

To see everything (Serpent Gorynych).

  • Do you want to go to the thicket?

If so, they seduce me.

I am the king of everything in the forest.

There I will instantly grab you (Goblin)

  • They can fit in me

Both the bear and the fox

Even a little mouse.

And you, wolf, climb (Mitten)!

  • I am not an easy toy.

I am a folding toy.

Seven not for fun

And we are called … (Matryoshka)nesting dolls

  • By leaps and bounds

I am growing to your joy.

I will conquer the whole world

Because … (Bogatyr)

Riddles for boys and girls

In order for the lesson to be really interesting, a simple reading or an ordinary story is not enough. It would be nice to find answers to riddles about the heroes of Russian folk tales.

  • For one girly girl

Over the sea, over the mountains.

From dad to daughter

The Scarlet Flower)

  • He went to sleep on the stove

And he sent a bucket to the river.

All by pike’s command

And his name is … (Emelya)

  • I kept jumping, but I didn’t run

Because there are no legs.

Round, you can eat me,

What is supposed to be a fox (Kolobok).

  • Who are the mistresses of that hut

That has legs like a chicken.

You will see her in the sky

Not with a broom in the street (Baba Yaga).baba yaga

  • He is not a man, not a beast.

In fairy tales, maybe, believe me.

He will whisper all the secrets

And with the Rain, and with the Sun – … (Wind)wind

  • He has swords, shields,

Evil he can simply whip.

Beware all enemies

Coming to you … (Dobrynya Nikitich)

  • She’s smart enough

The girl is not stupid.

And she is also a queen

Vasilisa … (Wise)

  • She is brave as a warrior

Sly as a fox.

And her name is Varvara.

She has a long … (Scythe).

  • Fish tail, lives in lakes.

It will tickle, if that.

She is a friend of Neptune

Together they guard the bottom (Little Mermaid).the little Mermaid

  • I’m not an ordinary bird

Although I’m sitting in a tree

As I see the onlooker, then

I will immediately punish (Nightingale the Robber).

  • She has an unhappy brother

What is called Ivanushka.

Fool, drank from a puddle,

So now I have become a goat (Alyonushka).

  • I’m always afraid of everything

I’ll press my ears.

You scare less,

Because gray … (Bunny)hare

  • Porridge from someone else’s spoon

She ate in secret.

She hid from the bears

Didn’t listen to anyone (Masha).

  • He lives with us all,

If you believe the old tales.

Protects the house from spirits.

Be kind to him

Be kind to him (Brownie).

  • They are not simple geese,

And the guys are stealing …

Swam by the shore

This is … (Geese-swans)geese

The most unexpected characters

The riddles “fairytale heroes of Russian folk tales” are exactly what is really interesting to solve. And the whole point is directly in the presentation.

  • She is big, big.

Everyone pulls her, they won’t get it.

Together even everyone tried

Nothing worked (Turnip).

  • An unusual heroine

She transformed.

Swamp girlfriend

Princess Frog)

  • Catching her is a miracle.

She will fulfill three wishes.

Whatever you want, it will be.

She will keep her promise (Goldfish).gold fish

  • She knows how to conjure

There is no wicked witch in the world.

The nails are as long as claws.

In general, to be her evil aunt (Witch).

  • Difficult chicken

She carries the testicles.

Of pure gold

On the fabulous page (Chicken Ryaba).

  • He is very small

And completely fearless.

Who are these children?

This is … (Boy-with-finger)

  • If you eat it

You will become instantly younger.

Because ugly

A princess is worthless (Rejuvenating apple).

  • He is the leader of the chickens,

The fox lies in wait for him.

Don’t listen to tricky promises

The cat and the blackbird instruct everything (Cockerel-Golden Scallop).

  • For Ivan the Fool –

He’s a real magician.

New dress, new jacket.

Who did everything (Sivka-Burka)?

  • Not a simple canvas

And with delicious food.

It’s good just to ask

And yours will be (Tablecloth-Samobranka).

  • She gave milk

Nice ladybug.

I just got too old

The old man sharpens a knife (Khavroshechka).

  • It has a long beak.

Suddenly he became friends with a fox.

Only this – only in a fairy tale,

In life, it is unlikely that it will succeed (Crane).crane

  • This is a multitude of dragons

Under the Kalinov Bridge.

And that’s how they were called

Because of a miracle, apparently (Miracle Yudo).

  • Runs through the forest all day

It’s not too lazy to look for a bunny.

And the Fox is his sister,

Helps sometimes (Volchik-Brother).

  • He has a large garden.

Apples in it – well, just like that.

Not simple, golden

Behind twisted fences (Ivan Tsarevich).

Riddles about the heroes of Russian folk tales will instantly plunge you into the wonderful world of incredible characters. Be sure to make time for an interesting activity!

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