Dec 29, 2020
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Children's palliative care in Omsk: together and to the end

Often, the field service of the business center “Raduga” for families is the only hope and support

The visiting palliative service of the Omsk hospice “House of Rainbow Childhood” continues to provide assistance to seriously ill children with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund.

Volunteers support children who cannot be cured, but it is possible to alleviate their condition – remove pain, normalize the functioning of the body.

More 600 children of Omsk and the Omsk region are now under the patronage of the service. UPU specialists monitor the health of children, whether they are provided with the necessary things – diapers, diapers, probes, medical equipment, strollers, special food and others.

Today according to the plan of our palliative service – Sherbakul district. This is not the first trip there this month. There are many families with palliative children in the area, it is impossible to visit everyone at once – the distances between the settlements are too long. But everyone needs help.

In some villages there is no FAP and pharmacy, families with sick children are often simply denied assistance: there are no rehabilitation specialists, there is no opportunity to take tests and examinations on the spot, the social support service does not issue consumables in the required quantity.

Some children are forced to stay within four walls for months, because they can only lie down, and there is no special stroller for walking. So parents of terminally ill children have to buy the same diapers, diapers and food at their own expense in the regional center, independently master massage techniques, as far as understanding and skill is enough … Often, the outdoor palliative service of the business center “Raduga” is the only hope and support for such families.

The first stop is the regional center, Sherbakul. The eldest son in the family cannot walk. Mom complained that the social service began to issue less diapers due to the fact that the child is not lying.

“The son can only move on his hands, and then within the room. We live in a private house without any amenities. They really need diapers, but they don’t want to hear us, ”the woman almost cries

In the village of Aleksandrovskoe, there is one more ward family. The little girl is six years old, but she cannot not only walk, but even crawl: one leg does not bend at all, the fingers on the handles are twisted, and she cannot hold her head. Mom would be glad to work with her daughter, but she does not know how to do massage and AFK – she was never taught this, and finances do not allow hiring specialists.

The following addresses are the villages of Izyumovka, Kutuzovka, Yekaterinoslavka. And each has families with their own history and problems. So, the grandmother of a sick guy who will turn 18 next year does not know what to do next.

“The doctors abandoned us – they said that we were hopeless. Soon, the grandson will undergo an examination to determine the disability group, for this he needs to go to the hospital, but how can this be done if the boy cannot serve himself? ” – shared the woman

Even though families say that they have everything for sick children, they are not. They just don’t want to be a burden, so they don’t complain. The mobile palliative service works to ease the burden of families with children suffering from terminal illnesses. For them, even a pack of diapers often matters. But also words of support and kind advice are needed so that families realize that they are not alone, they will not be abandoned.

The outdoor palliative service “Rainbow” constantly needs diapers and diapers, probes, ostomy, baby food, strollers, aspirators and other medical equipment. There is always a stock of these consumables, but it needs to be replenished so that we can continue to help children in need.

Each trip means dozens of liters of fuel, medicines and hygiene products that have their own price, and “Rainbow” is sometimes the only help for terminally ill children and their families.

You can help the “House of Rainbow Childhood” to develop and become better. It is enough to send an SMS to the number 3434 with the word “RAINBOW” and the amount of the donation. For example “RAINBOW 300”.

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