Dec 28, 2020
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Children’s hospice “House with a Mayak” fined 200 thousand rubles

Earlier, Moniava announced on her Facebook page that an unscheduled police check took place in the hospice after a complaint, from which it follows that the organization prescribes too many drugs for her ward. Police officers did not find any evidence of cover-ups or attempts to illegally withdraw drugs from circulation, but there was an error in one of the logbooks. The hospice was found guilty under Article 6.16 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation (violation of the rules for the circulation of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors).

Grigory Klimov, the chief physician of the House with a Mayak, explained the mistake by the lack of experience in maintaining such documentation among the employees – the hospice received permission to turnover drugs only at the end of September.

“Our nurse, having received the drug at the warehouse, did not enter this fact into the journal at the right time. It should be understood that maintaining such documentation is a very complex process that requires skills. It is necessary to fill in everything at a strictly defined time, with a ballpoint blue pen, in one line. When you are dealing with five or six drugs, it is very difficult to take into account all these nuances. Even people who have many years of experience make mistakes in keeping journals, but at the time of the check we had been working with this for only a month, ”Klimov told MedPortal.

The hospice got a complaint, which became the reason for the police check. Lida Moniava read it in court and quoted it on social networks.

“Kolya, plastered with plasters, receiving buccal anticonvulsants, being in a vegetative state, serves as a kind of banner and ram for Mrs. Moniava. She drags him around cafes, tattoo parlors, to rallies, walks, and sent him to a secondary school. She is not afraid of anything, arguing that she has patrons, ”the document says, signed, according to“ House with a lighthouse, ”by a certain Iraida Volkova.

The hospice intends to appeal the court decision and seek the cancellation of the fine, since “House with a lighthouse” is a charitable organization, so it will have to pay at the expense of contributions intended for sick children.

“If we take and transfer 200 thousand instead of medicine, a wheelchair, a ventilator to the state treasury as a fine, it will be another violation of the law and one more court,” wrote Lida Moniava.

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