Sep 15, 2022
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Children wish death on Larisa Dolina


Singer Larisa Dolina spoke about the scandalous story with Valya Karnaval.

A year ago, the artist became a guest of Maxim Galkin’s Musicality program, where she met face to face with popular blogger Valya Karna.val. Everyone discussed the issue.

The fact is that the 68-year-old Valley literally ran into 20-year-old Valya, saying that she could not sing and was poorly versed in music. The dispute turned out to be heated, because the blogger did not reach into her pocket for a word and harshly answered the Soviet pop star.

Passions subsided only thanks to Maxim Galkin, who made everything a joke. True, after the release, the most interesting began. Young people came to Dolina’s private messages and began to write nasty things to her.

It was scary to read not just boorish messages, but the comments of children who wish you dead, I’m not talking about obscene language. When children want you to die, it’s scary. So I took a break from social media for a while. Of course, it is useless to wait for understanding from teenagers who were brought up in a completely different way, who for some reason have completely different values.”, — a year later said the Valley.

Larisa Dolina - photo from the archive -
Larisa Dolina – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

As for Valya, Larisa Aleksandrovna did not meet with her after that, but she does not hold grudges against her either. As it became known later, as a sign of truce, the young blogger sent the legendary singer a ukulele musical instrument. Only now the Valley did not understand why.

I don’t know what she meant, why she sent me this. Moreover, not only to me, but also to Sasha Panayotov and someone else. God bless her, may she live and prosper. But I don’t go back on my words. In order to develop, you still need to learn. It is not necessary to go to a music school or school, you can study at home. Now everything is available online”, explains the star,

Larisa Alexandrovna was asked if she would like to record a duet with a young artist as a sign of friendship? After all, she herself recently said that she loves modern performers and is not averse to working together. “Duet with Valya… Probably notDolina smiled.

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