Oct 17, 2020
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Chief Immunologist of the Ministry of Health: 90% of coronavirus cases brought infection from rest

90% of patients with coronavirus now are returning from vacation who brought an infection, said the chief allergist-immunologist of the Russian Ministry of Health, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Rakhim Khaitov in an interview published on the ministry's website.

According to him, this "was inevitable due to the huge crowds on the beaches and in restaurants: one does not wear a mask, the other is wearing it incorrectly." Khaitov stressed the importance of observing quarantine measures, citing as an example China, where "only due to very strict discipline, there is almost no coronavirus."

"While there is no specific medicine, we need to do what the Ministry of Health recommends to us - strictly observe quarantine measures: masks, gloves and avoid crowded places," the academician noted. He added that the effectiveness of the Russian vaccine against coronavirus, which is in the third phase of testing, can be assessed at best in six months.

In addition, a drug is being developed in Russia that "will accurately beat the genes responsible for replication" of the virus, but so far it is in the preclinical stage.

Khaitov advised Russians to follow the recommendations and lead a healthy lifestyle in order to bring down a new wave of coronavirus: exercise every day and breathe fresh air while walking. The specialist drew attention to the fact that the main risk to health and life with coronavirus is a weakened immune system.

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