Jun 28, 2020
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Chic tricks with cards. Deck of Svengali

In tricks with cards, illusionists often use trick cards. They look like an ordinary deck, but are made with a secret. The deck most popular among magicians is Svengali. It is versatile and easy to use. Svengali cards are capable of “giving out” a lot of tricks, building on only one secret. We share 5 cool tricks with this miracle deck.

About Svengali

How are Svengali made? The trick deck should be similar to the standard game deck. Most often it’s Bicycle Standard, because these are the most recognizable and common cards in the world.

Svengali’s secret is that in this deck, every odd card (first, third, etc.) is repeated and shortened. The difference with the other cards in length is so insignificant that it is difficult to notice it even with a long and hard examination. However, it is enough for tactile sensations and lamination.

swengali cards

More specifically about lamination: when you fold or remove cards in the Svengali deck, the finger only hooks onto 1 card (which is longer), and the shortened ones fall along with it. So, instead of 1, 2 cards are discarded.

If you flip a deck on one side, then it looks completely normal – all cards are different. If you turn the deck over, then it will turn into a pile of identical cards.

Swengali Deck Trick

Now we’ll show you how to show an interesting card trick with this amazing deck.

The magician shows a regular deck of cards. Removes, flipping, its arbitrary part (as directed by the viewer) and shows the map to the viewer. Let it be 4 worms. The card is kneaded into the deck. The magician asks the viewer for any name. Let’s say this is Alex. For each letter of the name, the decks are removed from the deck on the map and the magician removes the viewer’s card for the last letter.

How to show focus with cards and name?

  1. Of course, we use Svengali. We show the deck to the viewer. As already mentioned, when flipping a card, 2 pieces are removed. So, stopping anywhere, the magician shows a repeated force card. In the example, these are 4 worms.
  2. Next, you need to knead the card in the deck. Here you can only do the sublimation. Shuffle will not work.
  3. When shooting cards in the finale of a stunt, the magician will stop at either an even or an odd card. Here you just need to count the number of letters in the name. If it’s odd, then the last card drawn is the viewer’s card. If even – then the next card in the deck.

Above on the page there is a video with a detailed explanation of the principle of the Svengali deck and learning cool tricks with it.

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