Jul 31, 2020
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Cheryl Cole returned to Moscow after four months of detention in the United States

13:58, 30.07.2020

The singer told the difficulties was getting the child back home.

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Last Friday, 33-year-old Victoria Dayneko complained in his microblog on Instagram, she is stuck in the US, along with 4-year-old daughter Lydia. The singer more than four months could not return home due to a canceled during a pandemic coronavirus flights between the countries. At first she could not get on the plane that was taken of compatriots in Russia, then the flights stopped.

Much of the time Victoria along with her daughter spent in California. Then the artist decided to move to new York because there were more chances for the export voyage. As lamented singer, she even began to feel a sense of claustrophobia, while in the United States, because of the inability to leave the country.

A few hours ago Daineko reported that they were able to return to Moscow. The way back was difficult and forced the singer to jittery. As told to Victoria, she had several options for the return flight. It was possible to fly across Europe with two transfers via Minsk again with two changes and a bus or through Turkey.

Most of the time in the US, Victoria's daughter held in California

However, the actress was waiting for a direct flight, as heavy routes were not under the power of her 4-year-old daughter. "In America they flew fine, but the back is not. Only export the flight. The first commercial tickets were sold on 1 August, of course I bought them. To be honest, the tickets through Turkey I also bought just in case," he told the star in his microblog in Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the author here and below the no change — Approx. red.). She simultaneously enrolled in a export flight and began to track the carts chats next departures.

As it turned out, those wishing to fly had a lot of tickets over two hours after the announcement about the flight. "When regular flights from August 1 of the United States still cancelled and I'm desperate (to put it mildly, I was looking forward to this plane), somehow we managed to get on a humanitarian flight at the last moment, literally on the morning of departure we were told the news and we hurry rushed to the airport (thanks to all who helped and kept me from panicking as I know), our tickets to the canceled flight was read out and there was nothing I had to buy a further", — told about his good fortune, the winner of "factory of stars".

Cheryl Cole moved to new York to have more chances to get on export flight

Dayneko admitted that they were ready to buy a third pair, just to fly home. "When I saw your favorite orange cabin crew uniform I was so happy! I love Aeroflot and love Moscow", — emotionally admitted Victoria. Now she is two weeks in isolation, after which she is finally able to visit their parents. According to estimates Dayneko, it was a record of its location in another country instead of fly to Moscow on 10 April, she appeared at home only at the end of July. As admitted by Victoria, life in the United States not seemed to her light in everything. "Fabulous only when you have a lot of money, and if they do not have too many controversial issues a lot. No less than frankly scary moments, such as gun violence," he told the star about their experiences.

Victoria Dayneko told that due to the cancellation of the flight was left alone with 4-year-old child in new York

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