Aug 22, 2022
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Chefs come up with a new dish, depriving pizza of a crispy crust

pizza without crispy crustUS residents who are used to buying pizza at Papa John’s can’t help but be surprised by the new menu item.

pizza without crispy crust

The novelty is called “Papa Bowls” and, according to the creators, is something like pizza, but without the classic crispy crust. In fact, these are bowls with fillings. For example, with vegetarian, Italian meat, chicken and others. Scott Rodriguez, the restaurant chain’s senior vice president of strategy and innovation, explained that foodies now have the opportunity to try something new and interesting, only without the pizza base. In addition, “Papa Bowls” are positioned as a way to “get people back to pizza.”

pizza without crispy crust

Alas, most fans of Italian cuisine did not appreciate the idea. People think it’s rather silly to eat toppings from a bowl instead of a classic pizza. It also caused laughter that you can captivate people with pizza with a dish that is just not pizza. Let’s just hope the toppings taste good. Although on a crispy crust they would certainly be tastier.

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