Feb 20, 2021
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Cheerful divination by blots: how to find out the future with the help of ink

Cheerful divination by blots: how to find out the future with the help of ink

You can tell fortunes not only with candle wax, but also with ordinary ink. With their help, you can find out your future future and understand your feelings and emotions more deeply. Such fortune telling will help to open the veil of secrecy and show the way to a happy life.

Fortune-telling in ink helps to reveal the secrets of the subconscious, if you carefully consider what random pictures show. Even in the modern world, you can easily find out about what will happen in the near future if you listen to your intuition using an ordinary pen. Experts recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rules for conducting such fortune-telling in order to find out about yourself the newly minted details.

Fortune-telling can be done at any time, but it is better than the total – after entering. In order to find out the future, you will need a container of water and ink from a pen, which the bewitching uses. If there is no such pen, then the newest rod will do, which is without fail pre-painted so that the ink absorbs the energy of a person. It is necessary to guess, observing simple rules:

tune in to receive answers; not to tell anyone about fortune-telling; before fortune-telling, meditate on the flame of a candle to clear thoughts.

Fortune-telling is carried out in complete silence, dripping ink with the words:

“The ink will show the truth, they will tell me everything. Water will show the future, it will tell me everything without hiding ”.

When interpreting divorces, it is necessary to connect intuition in order to more importantly understand the patterns.

Octopus: many ways of development. It is impossible to rush to choose the current and talk about your plans so as not to become a target for envious people.

Square: there are no obstacles on the way to the goal, but in order to achieve the set task, you need the help of a home person you can trust.

World: rock is closely associated with a stranger, a meeting with whom will happen in the near future.

Triangle: you need to trust your intuition to find a way to a happy life and not fall into the trap.

Star: there is an ill-wisher among acquaintances who can affect life in a bad way. Care must be taken.

Wood: family ties are great to keep out of trouble. In case there are disagreements, it is important to resolve them in a peaceful way.

Balloon: good news, long-awaited reward for your efforts.

Human’s figure: Soon there will be a stately meeting, which can end with a romantic date or become the beginning of an unrestrained friendship.

ring: feelings in relation to the chosen one are mutual.

Heart: a romantic relationship awaits in front.

Horse: the work will be completed on time and adequately rewarded.

Dog: a close friend will come to the rescue. His advice will help you find a way out of difficulties.

Bird: unexpected news will come soon.

Flowers: romantic relationships will not end in anything major.

Spray: there is a risk of overheating.

House: family life will improve if you learn to understand loved ones and forget about selfishness.

Letters: there is a risk of getting hot. It is more important to suspend financial activity.

Cross: deception on the part of the driven person.

Numbers: even numbers – to luck and luck in the intended business. Odd – to failure or temporary difficulties.

Car: soon there is a journey that will change life.

A cup: the fortuneteller is delusional in his conclusions. The situation will be resolved in an unexpected way, but safely.

Airplane: false hopes, impossible dreams and unattainable targets at this time.

Divination by blots will help you find out the future, if you believe and tune in to receive stately information. Any pattern can be interpreted differently, depending on the life situation and intuitive premonitions.

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