Oct 18, 2020
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“Check the swing, learn to scream”: what dangers await children on the street

In Perm, a nine-year-old boy fell off a swing when he was making the "sun". The child died from his injuries. Similar cases with swings occur regularly in different cities of Russia. But this is not the only danger during children's walks.

An expert on child safety told what unpleasant and sometimes tragic situations can happen to a child on the street and how to avoid them.


Branch Manager of the School of Children's Safety Anastasia Balandovich says: wherever the child plays, parents should always check the integrity of the structure. This also applies to swings, slides and even houses. There is always a chance that they are broken.

“For example, ropes or rope ladders. Seemingly wonderful things: they train agility, patience and perseverance. But the child can catch his foot and fall or become entangled in the rope ladder. And on the tightrope - to be distracted by something or not to calculate your strength and break loose. Therefore, parents should always insure it, ”says Anastasia.

Another problem is the swing on the spring. Due to not always high-quality installation, they can fall over with the children sitting on them. Therefore, the expert advises to first observe how the swing works from the side, before letting your child on it.

“We all grew up on a swing,” says Anastasia Balandovich about the usual winged swing. - Remember what we just did not do on them! And they rolled while standing, and sitting on the back, there were those desperate heads who were spinning the "sun". But these tricks are not safe. After all, not all swings allow you to swing while standing without the risk of falling and getting injured. The child should be taught how to swing safely and be careful not to break these rules. ”

But no less dangerous are seemingly harmless slides, merry-go-rounds or gazebo houses.

“In the slide, the first thing to look at is the material. If they are made of metal, there is a high probability of injury at the joints of the sheets. Also, do not let the child go on a slide with an open upper platform (without sides): he may fall from there. In addition, children always prefer to ride in a crowd, and this is already fraught with bruises and bruises, says Balandovich. - On the carousel, children do not always follow the order and the rules for leaving it: someone may try to get up before the attraction has stopped and injure their leg. In addition, the child may feel dizzy, and he will not be able to tell you about it. Therefore, I do not recommend letting a small child go alone on the carousel. "

And the closed gazebo houses are a “hot spot”.

“By themselves, they do not pose a danger, but unscrupulous adolescents and adults can leave anything there after their gatherings: cigarette butts, bottles, sharp objects,” the expert says. “Therefore, before letting the kid play there, you should check the condition of the house from the inside yourself.”

Dangerous strangers

In addition to dangerous swings and merry-go-rounds, children on the street may meet dangerous strangers. At the end of 2019, the number of crimes against the sexual inviolability of children and adolescents increased by almost 20 percent compared to 2016, according to the Prosecutor General's Office. In 2016, 12.4 thousand violent crimes against children were recorded, in 2019 the number increased to 14.8 thousand.

“Most often, children are taken away from playgrounds. Therefore, it is extremely important to explain to the child that it is impossible to talk to an unfamiliar adult. Explain that no educated adult will ever ask a child with a question or request. And if he is converted, then he is either an ill-mannered person or a criminal. And the child should not answer him, - says Anastasia Balandovich, an expert on child safety. - Teach your child to keep a safe distance from strangers. The distance should be such that the stranger does not have the opportunity to grab the child by the shoulder or arm. Practice yelling with him in crowded places. Most of the guys are very tight. More than 50% of children are embarrassed to scream even at home, let alone a crowded place and a critical situation. "

The expert advises to learn for such cases the correct words that you need to shout if an unfamiliar adult is trying to take you somewhere. Phrases like “Leave me alone!”, “Move away!”, “I won't go with you!” Will not work. Others may think that they are just a capricious child.

“You need to shout: 'Save me! Help! I don't know this person! “This is the only way a child will give a signal to others that a stranger is trying to take him somewhere,” says Anastasia Balandovich. - A lot of guys, especially boys, believe that they can easily resist a criminal. Let dad or just a familiar man twist your child at least once so that he understands: forces are not equal. "

Stray dogs

Another danger for children on the street is stray animals. According to Rospotrebnadzor statistics, in 2019 more than 353 thousand people suffered from bites and attacks. More than 98 thousand of them are children under 14 years old.

“You should definitely talk to your child about not touching stray dogs and cats. They can attack or infect with some kind of disease. For example, you can easily catch lichen from a yard kitten, ”says Anastasia Balandovich.

Animal behavior is always unpredictable, the expert reminds. It is impossible to guess what can provoke it - a sharp movement, an unpleasant smell, a person's fear.

“A dog can defend its territory and offspring. That is why you should not come close to stray dog ​​puppies. A mother will stand up to protect her children, even if you just wanted to feed them, says the safety expert. - A dog can attack if it is sick. There are many options: from the most harmless to the traumatized psyche of the animal and rabies. Therefore, if possible, you should avoid those places where dogs walk freely. First of all, you need to explain to the child that if an unfamiliar dog comes up to him, you need to stand in a column: legs together, palms under the neck, elbows pressed to the chest. You shouldn't look her in the eye, because she will most likely accept such a look as a challenge. "

According to Balandovich, flight will not save in such cases. The canine instinct is triggered: catch up and bite.

“Dogs are often only suitable for sniffing. The child should remain calm and not show his fear. No need to shout at the dog and wave your arms. It is better to wait until she leaves, and only after that continue on her way, says Balandovich. - But if the dog attacks, you have to defend yourself. Everything that is at hand. For example, cover the belly with a bag or, if you have a bicycle or scooter, try to block the dog with it. "

Anastasia Balandovich advises to work at home with the child in a special protective pose in case it is impossible to fight off the aggressive dog and he threw him to the ground. In such cases, you need to become a "log": face down, legs together, palms close the neck, and forearms - ears.

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