Sep 15, 2020
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Chechens who washed their shoes in a holy spring in Kaliningrad will be forced to apologize

Chechens who washed their shoes in a spring near an Orthodox church in Kaliningrad and filmed it will be forced to apologize. The head of the Union of Chechen Youth, Rustam Tapaev, told about this, "Rise" reports.

"Such behavior is impermissible neither towards the Orthodox, nor towards Muslims, nor towards anyone in general. If an object has any religious significance, it must always be treated carefully and carefully," Rustam Tapayev said.

He promised to "be sure to sort it out" in what had happened and expressed confidence that "this will not happen again." "I am sure the guys will apologize. I think they did it unconsciously. Therefore, to apologize when you did something wrong is a sign of strength. I think they will gladly do it," Rustam Tapaev added.

In the video published earlier, one of the natives of Chechnya could be heard laughingly saying: "For them, this is holy water, but we clean our feet in nature." The police became interested in the video, which began an inspection, said in the Kaliningrad diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church. They stressed that they do not want to "inflate" this story.

One of the participants in the incident with the desecration of the holy source has already apologized for the incident. “I didn't think it was such serious water,” said a man named Rasul.

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