Sep 16, 2020
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Chechen media announced the impending operation in Europe "Double" using Kadyrov’s mask (VIDEO)

CHGTRK TV channel "Grozny" and the Grozny Inform agency released stories about a provocation allegedly impending in Europe using the mask of the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov. drew attention to this.

Chechen media refer to a video on the eldit_net Instagram account showing a realistic mask depicting Kadyrov with and without glasses. Similar messages began to be replicated by other publics, including the pro_chechnya Instagram account.

The post for this video says that the mask was made "in a classified European laboratory using the latest technology." It is alleged that the operation against Kadyrov was codenamed "Double" and is in its final stages of preparation.

"It became known that now there is a selection of candidates to carry out provocations using a prepared image," the account said. At the same time, the sources of these data are not indicated, the essence of the provocation is also unknown.

On June 4, a Chechen political emigrant Mamikhan Umarov, known as Anzor from Vienna, was killed in a Vienna suburb. He hosted a Youtube channel in which he criticized the head of Chechnya and his entourage. The natives of Chechnya Sarali Akhtaev and Salman Magamadov were detained on suspicion of murder. Also, his relatives from the village of Mesker-Yurt in Chechnya announced preparations for the murder of Umarov.

"We tried to establish contact with him and stop him. We told him to stop, stop, not to do this. He replied that the European intelligence services do not leave him alone and he must say this on their behalf," said a close relative of Umarov.

The murder case is being investigated by the Austrian Office for the Protection of the Constitution and the Fight against Terrorism. The motives for the murder have not yet been established by the investigation, but a version of political reprisals is not ruled out. The head of the Austrian Interior Ministry has promised to find those who ordered the murder.

Kadyrov accused foreign special services of the murder of Umarov and a number of other Chechen political emigrants. According to Kadyrov, as soon as human rights activists begin to "worry" about someone's life, it soon ends. "We curse everyone who raises throatmen! Remember that even before our demand, you will be disposed of as a consumable. Every sane person should understand this before agreeing to participate in special services projects. Do not become puppets, take care of your families. Otherwise, the same fate awaits you, "Kadyrov warned other bloggers and critics.

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