Apr 19, 2021
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Cheating husband said he lost his wedding ring due to photoshop

husband without wedding ringTylar Page immediately suspected something was wrong when she saw a photo of her husband on Facebook.

husband without wedding ring

The faithful, in the company of his cousin, posed in one of the nightclubs in Toronto (Canada), surrounded by some girls.

husband without wedding ring

This alone would have made any wife wary, but then everything became even more interesting – there was no wedding ring on the man’s finger. Having pinned her husband to the wall, Tylar fished out a strange confession from him – allegedly the man who photographed him, his brother and completely innocent acquaintances of the ladies, then photoshopped the picture and removed the ring from his husband’s finger.

husband without wedding ring

Anyone can see how ludicrous such a statement is. The woman added that she filed for divorce, and people not only sympathize with her, but also advise not to be upset. The traitor is worth not only divorcing him, but also photoshopping him from his life.

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