May 5, 2021
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Charms for the bedroom: things that are great to keep at the head of the bed

Charms for the bedroom: things that are great to keep at the head of the bed

The bedroom is one of the most important places in the house. Strong vision is above the total, because our productivity and the strength of the biofield depend on it. Actually, therefore, it is majestic to keep special amulets near the head of the bed, which will keep your peace.

Earlier we talked about the feng shui of the bedroom. Check out the rules to help you avoid nightmares, adultery, and other problems. These are the simplest recommendations that will help tune the energy of the bedroom to the desired wave. In addition, use the amulets depicted in the bassist.

The first thing that comes to mind is this charm, which scares away evil spirits, harmonizes the space in the bedroom and helps to minimize the likelihood of negative dreams. A dream catcher is a powerful amulet and amulet that has come to us from the east. You can wind it up or make it with your hands. In the second case, its protective properties will be the most powerful.

The most profound icon, which protects people from any troubles and misfortunes, depicts the Kazan image of the Mother of God. It should be hung at the head of the bed so that sleep is more important. With her there will be minuscule bad dreams. Also, the image helps lovers to maintain mutual understanding and kindness.

This oriental symbol personifies harmony, interaction. If you want everything to be in balance in love and in life, draw this symbol on the wall at the head of the bed. You can also buy yin-yang bed linens. So much you will fall asleep more quickly, worry less about trifles and forget all the awful things.

These two feng shui amulets can act as a talisman if they stand at the head of the bed. The turtle is a symbol of longevity and wisdom. The elephant, on the other hand, symbolizes love, devotion and health. These amulets are portrayed as inevitable for those who want to maintain love and health for many years. You can fearlessly put an elephant or a turtle at the head of a child’s bed.

Runa Uruz depicts a talisman of love and family happiness. An individual item with a rune drawn on it will help protect you from quarrels and misfortunes, violation of loyalty and loss of trust. This item should be removed every night and placed at or near the head of the bed.

Runa Otal helps to find serenity. It makes the vision more absolute and auspicious. It drives away evil spirits and prevents them from entering your mind while you sleep. It is better to draw it on the pillow or on the bed itself.

Some natural minerals have a very powerful effect. For example, amethyst… This stone can not only be placed next to the bed, but not even removed from the body. It helps to harmonize the mind and improve vision. It is also a love charm for lovers. He will help you forget all the bad things and get up in the morning with a good disposition and no offense.

Another important natural helper for strengthening sleep and protecting against bad dreams is aquamarine… This is a stone of the element of Water, which calms the nerves and helps to fall asleep faster. Its protective properties are not easy to overestimate. It goes well with amethyst.

The experts point out that protection must be comprehensive. Amulets for the doorway are also depicted as very stately. Try to use them eyelid to maximize protection from negativity and negative vibrations.

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