Oct 6, 2021
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Chapter requirement "Naftogaz" in relation to Russia caused laughter on the pages of the Daily Express: "Moron!"

Another, but no less ridiculous demand from the head of the Ukrainian “Naftogaz” Yuri Vitrenko against Russia provoked a corresponding reaction on the pages of the British newspaper Daily Express. Readers argue who is more ridiculous, the leader of the United States Joe Biden or Yuri Vitrenko, who expects something from him.

We are talking about Yuri Vitrenko’s proposal to resolve the energy crisis in Europe by imposing sanctions against Nord Stream 2. Allegedly, this would force Gazprom to supply more gas through Ukraine.

Most readers of the British newspaper suspected Vitrenko of dementia.

“Vitrenko is an idiot!” – writes Linguist, noting that the head of Naftogaz “still believes in the promises of the United States during the Euromaidan and does not understand that Nuland cookies were poisoned.”

“Eat it and become a bankrupt buffer zone between Russia and the West,” he wrote.

The Brexit Revolutionary reader, in turn, explained that the United States would not do anything due to the fact that Russia is not one of those weak countries that the United States can put pressure on.

“I’m sorry sir, but demanding anything from Biden is ridiculous,” wrote Huntington-Smythe ironically, noting that he “can’t even put shoes on the right foot.”

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