May 14, 2020
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Channel “Ukraine” and the news “Today” launched an art project with Ukrainian and world stars VishivankaDAY

The embroidery has a thousand-year history and remains not only a symbol of national identity, but also a source of inspiration for contemporaries. This year, under quarantine, VishivankaDAY will be held on the digital sites of the Ukraine channel and the Today news in the format of an art project. Collage maker Daria Koval skillfully integrates original embroidery designs from famous domestic designers - Oksana Karavananskaya, Yulia Magdich, Oksana Polonets, Roksolany Bogutskaya and ETNODIM.

"into the outfits of star participants in the project" Embroidery is c is the symbol of Ukrainian culture and the identification code of Ukrainians in different parts of the world. embroidery techniques were handed down from generation to generation and could tell about life, beliefs, even about historical events in different regions of Ukraine. It’s important not only to maintain old traditions, but also to give them a new breath for continuation in future generations. The project helps to popularize embroidery as an object of decorative and applied art and gives an impetus to the development of modern Ukrainian culture and design " , - Ukrainian designer Oksana Polonets noted.

Megan Markle, Oleg Panyuta became the heroes of the collages on the Day of embroidered shirt, Marina Kuhar, Kate Middleton, Jennifer Lopez, Lilia Rebrik, Alexey Sukhanov, Irina Bilyk, Anatoly Anatolich, Elena Kot, Savik Shuster, Bill Ailish, Olga Gritsyk, Grigory German, Alena Vinnitskaya, Zlata Ognevich, Timur Miroshnichenko, Anna Panova, Igor Pupkov, Maxim Sikora, Yaroslav Kuts, Olga Tsibulskaya, Daria Petrozhitskaya, Natalya Denisenko, Andrey Fedinchik and other stars.

The outfit of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton was decorated with a Hutsul authenticity from Oksana Karavan. To the laconic dress of the wife of Prince Harry Meghan Markle , the collage maker picked up a geometric ornament and a brush earring from the brand " ETNODIM ". Luxurious colors Sewn in the technique of Borshchag embroidery from the Ternopil region, from Roksolany Bogutskaya made the unique image of Marina Kuhar.

A stylish mix of modern and ancient embroidery, ornaments from different regions of Ukraine and different techniques from Oksana Karavanskaya gave unexpected accents to outfits by Jennifer Lopez and Billy Elish . And the unique pattern that the great-grandmother of the famous designer created for her embroidered shirt was created by the fascinating ethnic group Elena Kot.

Volynsky geometric patterns from Oksana Polonets adorned the white shirt of Anatoly Anatolich. Elegant gold embroidery from Julia Magdich adorned an elegant dress by Alena Vinnitskaya , and on the dress and hat of Ukrainian prima Irina Bilyk her incredible poppies "blossomed.

" This project for me is a kind of challenge, because with "dressing up "I work for the first time. The most difficult thing was to determine the style, design and general concept of the project. I wanted to present our tradition easily, elegantly and merrily and at the same time convey the character and personality of each hero in clothes ," told Daria Koval.

Some of the collages of VishivankDAY are created, some are still in work. You can get acquainted with the art project on the site of the channel "Ukraine" by link .

We remind you in May 2019 news "Today" and the channel "Ukraine" staged a grand display of embroidered shirts "VishivankaDAY" on the Postal Square in Kiev. Participation in which, together with well-known Ukrainians, show business stars, popular TV presenters, was attended by Kiev residents and guests of the capital. Participants of "VishivankaDAY" were in national clothes from the famous designer Julia Magdich, as well as in their own embroidered shirts.


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